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PropTech1 Venture Firm Expands Adding London Office in the UK

The Berlin-based VC firm PropTech1 has now set up shop in London. The venture firm focused solely on real estate aims to partner with British PropTech startups.

Nikolas Samios, Managing Partner, PropTech1

According to the news, this is PropTech1’s first excursion outside the German-speaking market. The London office, led by Jan Gierkes, will now serve as a hub for the firm’s expansion across the UK. Located in the CityPoint building in the heart of London, the firm is an independent financial investor with over 30 shareholders.

PropTech1 has specialists in venture capital, digital entrepreneurship, and real estate leveraging investments from entrepreneurs, European real estate corporations, and medium-sized real estate companies. The firm intends to open new bases in other promising European regions, as well.

PropTech1 Ventures is an ideal investor for British PropTech startups planning to enter mainland Europe. The firm addresses all subsegments of the PropTech sector with typical initial investments of from €200,000 to €3 million. 

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