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Renovate Your Home Wisely to Save Time and Money

By Al Twitty | May 7, 2017

As a homeowner looking to improve the aesthetic of your abode, there are many different considerations to take into account, especially when it comes to renovation. Remodeling your home can range from a small project to a significant undertaking, so when is the best time to renovate your home? We’ll help you decide by offering you some aspects to think about before jumping on the renovation bandwagon.


Consider when you’d like to get started. I’ve heard many people encourage renovations during the spring or summer months because the weather is nice and it’s more enjoyable to be outside. This is true but think about your own profession. Are there specific seasons, months, or days of the week that experience more stress or business? If the answer is yes, then this is also true for contractors. The spring and summer are going to be busier months for most contractors which means they’ll likely be juggling more than one job at a time. This is not to say there aren’t contractors out there who can’t juggle and still successfully deliver a fantastic end result, but if you want someone’s sole focus and energy to be poured into your home, then opt for renovation in early spring or late fall, when the renovation season is just picking up or slowing down.

painting home for renovation

Material prices will also fluctuate throughout the year; this is particularly important if you’re a DIY type of person and intend to tackle the renovation project yourself. If it’s in a high season, you’re also competing with other contractors for materials within your area, which means you may not find what you’re looking for as quickly or easily without paying a higher material cost.

Type of Project

The type of project you’re planning will also affect the timing and cost. Think about which projects get the most attention during the summer months versus the winter months (i.e. which can be done during inclement weather or which require warm or dry temperatures). For instance, masonry can be done in either season depending on the job. A patio requires warm, dry temperatures, while fixing cracks in a basement can be done in the winter with less maintenance, so plan accordingly and you should be able to take care of “winter issues” in the summer before everyone is calling their local repairman.

Also, the area in which you live is going to be a factor in renovating. A house in southern Arizona can be renovated (especially if it’s something like a pool installation) in the winter, while the same home in Upstate New York is going to be a much larger challenge, and potentially not possible depending on the project.


How much money you have to spend is, of course, going to be one of the major factors to make or break your renovation goals. Luckily, using creativity and being realistic about what you hope to get from the project will help you find a solid end result. Never plan outside of your budget, as even if you’re happy with the product, you may end up paying it off for years, even if you choose to sell the house. You may discover that it’s actually cheaper to forgo the renovation and consult a real estate agent in order to find a home that already offers what you’re looking for.

A home “make-over” is an exciting and thought-provoking process. Use your judgment and resources when deciding how to tackle each component of your project, and don’t ever be afraid to consult a professional if you get stuck. Good luck!

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