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Saying Aloha to New Investments: The Top Tips for Buying Property in Hawaii

By Al Twitty | August 7, 2019

Are you thinking about buying property in Hawaii? Before you say Aloha to new investments like a home in Hawaii, there may some things you want to learn about Hawaii first.

What's not to love with Hawaii? You've got beautiful scenery, beaches, and friendly people all around. How about island and property insight to help you get started?

Property in Hawaii
Beautiful Luxury Home with Swimming Pool at Sunset

Did you know that properties in Hawaii are the most beautiful and the priciest in the nation? The average list price in Hawaii is about a million dollars.

Are you looking to buy property in Hawaii? Before you make any moves, read on to learn the top tips for buying property in Hawaii.

The Top Tips for Buying Property in Hawaii

Get excited about buying property in Hawaii. Islands, beaches, and sunshine.

First things first. Think about the island you want to buy property in. Each and every island offers different experiences and properties. There are six major islands in Hawaii. It's a great idea to visit Hawaii and the islands to see which one you would love to buy property in.

Want the top tips for buying property in Hawaii? These top tips for buying property will help you make the best decision.

1. List Your Priorities

What are your priorities for your property? Think about how much time you'll spend at the property. Will it be your home for you and your family full-time or part-time? What views do you want to see from your home?

How close do you want to be to the beach? What activities do you want to experience regularly? For example, if you want incredible beaches and peaks, Maui may be the island for you.

2. Style of Home

Consider the style of home you like, as well as the location. Consider visiting the different islands to see what style of home and island vibe fits you best. Perhaps you love the vibe in the Heart of Hawaii, Oahu.

Crowne Properties will be able to help you with real estate in Oahu. Each island has its own experiences and properties. Make sure you make the best choice for the style of your home and the location of your property in Hawaii.

3. Explore Your Neighborhood

When you buy a house, you buy more than the property. You buy the neighborhood too. Explore your neighborhood to make sure you love it day and night. Talk to the neighbors to get a feel for who will be living around you.

Take a day trip to see if you may see and feel yourself living or investing there.

4. Work with a Realtor

Ready to take your home buying to a whole new level? We recommend you work with a realtor once you narrow your island choices. The realtor may help you narrow your choices down on properties and island location too.

If you work with the right realtor, they may save you time and money. A realtor will help you with insider information you likely will not get anywhere else. They will help you navigate fee simple vs. leaseholds and the legalities in being a property owner.

Buying Property in Hawaii

Dreams do come true. Likely, you've been dreaming of buying property in Hawaii and the moment is here. Or, you ran across this article and now you are thinking it may be possible. Many people have bought properties in Hawaii, and you can too.

Ready now? Take the next step. Before you know it, your home in Hawaii will be a reality.

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