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Smart Home Hubs: Making Your Smart Home Dream a Reality

Smart homes are now a ubiquitous feature in the real estate market. Global estimates for the smart home market by 2022 stands at $53 billion. In North America, more homeowners spend heavily on smart home improvements with spending expected to reach billion by 2022.

Smart homes are hot property as home buyers consider benefits of smart home technology. Such benefits range from safety, security, energy efficiency to increased home value among other things.

Getting Started With a Smart Home Hub

How do you upgrade your home to a smart home? It all starts with smart home hubs. This is hardware or software that supports multiple devices and appliances you wish to connect in your home. The hub unifies your connected gadgets in a smart home.

With your smart home hub, it becomes possible to automate your home through smart app-controlled operations. You can remotely control thermostats, light bulbs, door locks and sensors, doorbells and switches.

It is also possible to operate window blinds/shutters, garage door openers, sensors, and energy monitors. Most smart devices such come with their built-in smart technology.

However, you can only enjoy a smart home if you connect them from a single platform. This is how you create a smart home hub.

The smart home hub is the nerve center of your automated home. It ties all your smart devices together and makes it more convenient to operationalize your smart home.

Smart Home Automation Protocols

The most popular communication protocols used on smart home hubs include: 

  1. Z-Wave protocol: This platform uses low-power radio signals on a mesh network for connecting smart devices. Each of your smart gadgets acts as an additional signal. You can connect hundreds of devices on a smart hub using Z-wave protocol.
  2. Zigbee standard: A minimal-power and low-data rate open standard working on a mesh network. It is faster than Z-wave and can support thousands of devices on one network from sensors, plugs, lights, motion to sprinkler controllers. However, due to its higher frequency operations, there’s a risk of interference by WIFI and home appliances.
  3. WIFI: This is the most common protocol for connecting devices However, it has a lower range and is also costly.
  4. Bluetooth standard: This is more energy-efficient than WIFI but offers a limited range.

How Smart Home Hubs Work 

Most smart home hubs are now compatible with multiple smart home devices on the market. This means you can buy a smart home hub from one brand and use it to control devices from another brand.

The hub has a built-in switch and has the capacity for data storage. Operating the smart hub is possible through a smart home app. You can automate functions, control and schedule your smart devices’ tasks. Using the app, you can control any IoT-enabled devices other smart home systems.

The best home automation hubs are versatile and support multiple protocols including Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Buying a Smart Home Hub

When shopping for a smart home hub, consider the following:

  • Multiple devices support
  • Voice command support
  • OS compatibility support
  • Ease of integration with multiple standards
  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer reviews and testimonials

Wrap Up

Thinking of upgrading your home? A smart home is a great idea and it all starts with the right choice of a smart home hub. Go on and use these tips to find the right smart hub to build your dream smart home.

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