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Risk of "wildly inaccurate" home estimates if automation replaces human appraisers

By Mike Wheatley | November 28, 2018
Federal agencies are trying to push the concept of automated home appraisals, but appraisers worry that the plan could lead to “wildly inaccurate” valuations of some homes. The idea is to reduce the number of homes that require an in-person appraisal by a human, in order to speed up closing times and save money for […]
Mortgage, US Real Estate

Freddie Mac expands appraisal waiver to condo buyers

By Mike Wheatley | July 6, 2018
Condo buyers and refinancers could be eligible for a new program that allows them to bypass a traditional in-person appraisal with a faster automated process, Freddie Mac said last week.
Mortgage, US Real Estate

Is a no-appraisal mortgage really worth it?

By Mike Wheatley | May 23, 2018
Around five percent of Fannie Mae’s 1.2 million home mortgages have met the criteria for not needing a traditional in-person appraisal since new rules were introduced last year, according to the Washington Post
Commercial Real Estate, US Real Estate

New rule exempts low-cost commercial property from appraisals

By Mike Wheatley | May 1, 2018
Almost one-third of commercial property sales will become exempt from the need for an appraisal following changes to federal rules.
Residential, US Real Estate

Appraisal Foundation seeks to address labor shortage

By Mike Wheatley | April 3, 2018
The Appraisal Foundation’s Appraiser Qualifications Board is to ease the requirements for individuals to become an appraiser in order to combat labor shortages.
Home Sales, News, US Real Estate

Appraisers and homeowners now see eye-to-eye

By Mike Wheatley | January 17, 2018
Experts say that the gap between appraisers’ and homeowners’ estimations of their homes’ worth is getting smaller. The two parties perceptions of value is getting closer, though homeowners still do tend to slightly overestimate the price of their home.
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How automation is threatening the appraisal industry

By Mike Wheatley | September 21, 2017
Appraisers might be starting to feel a little hot under the collar amid the growing realization that advances in automation and artificial intelligence technologies could one day threaten their jobs.
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