Seven Steps for College Students Moving Into Their First Apartment

Moving to your first apartment means a lot if you’re a college student. It’s the ultimate sign of independence and growing up. However, moving to a new place also requires preparation, which can be tricky if you’re also juggling exams, your part-time job and your social life. So, in order to make things smoother, here

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Most students say they’ve enjoyed being back at home during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of college students across America to return to mom and dad as campuses emptied, and many of them say they’re enjoying being stuck at home. A survey of about 1,200 college students conducted by CollegeFinance found that most students only expected to stay at home for around four months

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Get Schooled in Real Estate Investing

Student housing has been ignored by mainstream investors for more than four decades but that is changing. Traditionally, Universities have funded on-campus housing and investors bought into off-campus apartments geared towards students. Now, Universities are looking more and more to private investors to finance new on-campus student housing so that the University can use limited

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