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Packing a House in One Week

By Eric Jeanette | June 2, 2023
Packing a House in One Week While moving to a new property is an exciting experience, packing up your entire home can be intimidating. The task of packing up your possessions can be onerous, whether you're moving because of a job change or are just looking for a fresh start. But with a few straightforward […]
kids moving
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6 Genius Tips for a Smooth House Move When You Have Young Kids

By Jamie Richardson | October 31, 2022
Life with young kids is never straightforward, and that’s definitely true when you’ve got a major event like a house move to handle. It’s not just the practical realities of preparing for the move while looking after the little ones as well; you’ve also got to think about how the whole process impacts their health […]
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What do Moving Quotes & Relocation Trends say About Real Estate?

By Jamie Richardson | October 24, 2022
The real estate market is in a state of flux right now, with wider economic uncertainty and the volatility of global events causing a degree of disruption. In spite of this, it’s still possible to pinpoint a few noteworthy trends which hint at the overarching trajectory that this sector will take in the coming months […]
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Wild Cat Moving from the USA to the UK

By Jamie Richardson | June 30, 2022
Well pleasant and green lands come with a magnetic appearance and offer many significant considerations. But the opportunities from traveling to find a new home and dealings regarding cost and purchasing can be overwhelming, especially when the distance and time are not on your side. Then it's worth getting assistance from real estate professionals. So […]
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Seven Steps for College Students Moving Into Their First Apartment

By Eric Jeanette | March 17, 2022
Moving to your first apartment means a lot if you’re a college student. It’s the ultimate sign of independence and growing up. However, moving to a new place also requires preparation, which can be tricky if you’re also juggling exams, your part-time job and your social life. So, in order to make things smoother, here […]
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Remote work prompts more early retirement moves

By Mike Wheatley | September 25, 2020
Older Americans who’re able to work remotely are making earlier moves to their retirement locales, according to a report by CNBC. What with more employees giving people the chance to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some have decided to take up the offer on a permanent basis. And as this means being […]
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Common Moving Day Mistakes to Avoid

By Anita Townes | July 31, 2020
Moving is a stressful process, and moving day can be even more chaotic if you don’t prepare yourself properly. One mistake on moving day can derail your whole plan to get into your new house. Here are a few common moving day mistakes to avoid.  Leaving Appliances for the Last Minute Do not plan to leave […]
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