6 Essential Things to Consider Before Investing in Apartments

You may hear about all of the benefits of investing in apartments but is it right for you? While there are a lot of different options for making money that may seem attractive — not all of them are suitable for every investor. Before you take the dive and put your money into apartments, you

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Three Levels of Commercial Real Estate Investing

A successful real estate investor graduates through at least three levels during his or her career. Level 1 is the entry level and typically the most difficult to complete. The good news,

Tips to Your Success in Commercial Investing

Most people start their real estate career investing in residential properties. Eventually, they look to commercial investing because it is much more profitable. Before you jump into commercial real estate

Things to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in commercial real estate is a lot different to traditional investments like stocks and bonds. There are barriers that prevent entry into the market, and you’ll have to find a lender who is willing to offer you a mortgage, which is harder to do

7 Tips to Becoming a Real Estate Entrepreneur

This is truly an exciting time to become a real estate entrepreneur. Almost all local markets are both highly active and profitable. Also, there have never been more ways of getting started.

Stiles Takes Major Steps in Executive Leadership Succession Plan

Stiles, a Fort Lauderdale-based full service real estate development firm established in 1951, announced today new developments in the company’s leadership succession plan. The company has appointed Ken Stiles Co-CEO, working alongside his father Chairman and CEO Terry Stiles. Ken Stiles joined the company 11 years ago and most recently served as Executive Vice President,

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Commercial Investing for Positive Cash Flow

If you are just getting into commercial real estate investing, this article has some of the most important information you need to know from the beginning. If you have taken any commercial real estate training, I hope the first thing you were taught is that commercial real estate investing is about positive cash flow. Positive

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Partners Real Estate Investment Trust Tags New COO

In news from Canada’s Partners Real Estate Investment Trust, the trust has announced the appointed Mr. Peter D. Morris, SCLS,SCSM, SCMD, as their COO.

Networking for Commercial Real Estate Investors

As any experienced real estate investor will tell you, networking is the single most important aspect of their business. You can only do so many things at one time to generate leads. Proper networking will bring deals to your door that you otherwise would have missed out on

Commercial Real Estate Investing Basics

With great risks comes great rewards. While an investor can get rich buying and selling residential properties, true wealth comes from owning commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is somewhat unique among real estate investment types, as this kind of real estate requires a high investment to get into the game

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