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Understanding Subordination Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements

By Elizabeth Whitman | December 3, 2018
Commercial tenants may be perplexed when months or years after signing their leases they are asked to sign a Subordination Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement (SNDA). The landlord may tell tenants simply that they “need the SNDA for the mortgage lender.” Tenants may not have a choice but to sign the SNDA. A clause in their […]
Commercial Lease, Commercial Real Estate, Office

You Want Me to Move Where? Tenant Relocation Clauses in Office Leases

By Elizabeth Whitman | November 19, 2018
Many commercial real estate leases contain tenant relocation clauses, which allow the landlord to require that the tenant move to different rental space. Since relocations are uncommon, tenants may not pay attention to those clauses when negotiating their leases. However, the terms in the relocation clause can make–or break–a tenant’s business when triggered. Why Landlords […]
More housing permits were issued last month say the Commerce Department, but overall the outlook for builders remains poor, according to the NAHB
Commercial Real Estate, Office

What to Look for in a Tenant Buildout

By Elizabeth Whitman | November 12, 2018
When leasing commercial real estate, tenants need to budget for the buildout. A buildout includes adding walls, doors, outlets, cabinets, and anything else that constructed in the rental space. In office leases, the lease usually requires that the landlord pay the cost of the tenant’s buildout. How Leases Describe Buildout Obligations No matter what the […]
Manhattan office space is hugely popular with investors now, observers say.
Commercial Lease, Commercial Real Estate, Office

If You Think You Know How Your Office Lease Square Footage is Calculated, Guess Again!

By Elizabeth Whitman | October 28, 2018
You might think you can easily verify the square footage in your office lease.  After all, it is easy to calculate the square footage of the living room in your new home to plan for furniture placement. You use a tape measure to measure from wall to wall in both directions. Then, as you learned […]
Commercial Real Estate, US Real Estate

Understanding Commercial Lease Types

By Mike Wheatley | June 12, 2018
Commercial leases are not one-size-fits all. The type of commercial lease will vary depending upon the asset class and building class and the landlord’s and tenant’s needs.
Commercial Real Estate

Negotiating Common Area Maintenance Charges in Commercial Leases

By Elizabeth Whitman | April 23, 2018
When signing a commercial lease, tenants may look at only the base rent amount. They are surprised when common area maintenance (CAM) charges result in a monthly rent bill that is higher than expected. Tenants may receive an additional surprise at the end of the year when they receive a bill for a CAM shortfall. […]
Investing, US Real Estate

The Effects of Commercial Real Estate Investing With Rising Interest Rates

By Brian Kline | April 16, 2014
Both Interest rates and inflation can be expected to have an effect on commercial real estate investing for months and possibly years to come. With positive economic data spanning most of the country, the Federal Reserve announced back in December that it would back off from its bond-buying program. Ever since then, interest rates have […]
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