Does the availability of mortgage credit impact presidential elections?

A new research paper suggests that changes in the availability of mortgage credit can have an impact on voting patterns during U.S. presidential elections. The paper, written by researchers Alexis Antoniades of Georgetown University and Charles W. Calomiris of Columbia University, analyzed swings in mortgage credit to see if they had any impact on voter’s

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How the Presidential Elections are influencing the housing market

With such a tense presidential election campaign, is it possible that the real estate industry’s recovery could be destabilized?

Housing Set to Have a Big Impact on the Elections

Housing is normally not a push-button issue when it comes to presidential elections. However this November’s election is shaping up to be the exception. While at the moment the housing crisis is not the center of either President Obama’s or Mitt Romney’s campaign platform, several recent survey’s indicate it soon will become one whether they want to talk about it or not.

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