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    Reasons Why Buyers Back Out of Deals

    By Brian Kline | December 5, 2013
    There are many reasons that buyers back out of a signed purchase agreement. Real estate contracts can be complicated. They can include many contingency clauses allowing both the buyer and seller to get out of the contract after it's signed but before the deal closes. However, it's the buyer that backs out of almost one […]
    Residential, US Real Estate

    How to Get Financing Your New Home Purchase

    By Guest Author | December 4, 2013
    Like with so much else in personal finance, getting the best possible deal on a mortgage depends on preparation, comparison and timing.  Not only is it important to get your financial house in order before applying, but you must also carefully determine how much house you can afford, cast a wide net when it comes […]
    Investing, US Real Estate

    Joint Ventures - Raising Real Estate Investing Money

    By Brian Kline | November 5, 2013
    Joint venture (JV) is a phrase used to describe a partnership when it's not practical to have formal partnership papers drawn up and filed with the state. Often, joint ventures are used for a single project or when the partnership will be short term. It's a great vehicle for raising real estate investment money. This […]
    Investing, US Real Estate

    Cross Collateralization - A Zero Down Financing Method

    By Brian Kline | July 30, 2013
    When negotiating a real estate purchase, the most important attribute is determining how much equity the seller has in the property, or rather, the amount the seller walks away with after closing the deal.
    Investing, US Real Estate

    To Flip Or Rent - Comparing Real Estate Investing Exit Strategies

    By Donna S. Robinson | January 18, 2013
    When evaluating a residential property - let's say it's a single family home, experienced investors may choose to consider a variety of "exit strategies" when deciding what to do with that property. For purposes of this article, let's say that an investor is considering the purchase of a 3 bedroom 2 bath residence and wants […]
    Mortgage, Real Estate, US Real Estate

    What Do Low Interest Rates Mean for the Market?

    By Alicia Murphy | May 28, 2012
    Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 4 years chances are that you've heard a lot in the news about our country's floundering real estate market. First there was the bubble, then an all out crash in some markets, and now we're slowly but surely trying to measure a come-back with home inventories falling by almost 20% in April
    Real Estate, Residential, US Real Estate

    An Unexpected Benefit of Lower Housing Prices

    By Anita Cooper | April 25, 2012
    Low, and/or declining property values in many areas across the country have created a kind of investor’s nirvana, where previously untouchable property suddenly comes within reach. Investors, however, are not the only ones buying up properties these days.
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