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    Real Estate Marketing, Twitter

    Realtors: Must-know Facts About Twitter Spaces for Real Estate

    By Delia Gavrilescu | November 2, 2021
    Are you familiar with Twitter Spaces and plan to use it for your real estate business? Is this new in-app feature helpful for real estate agents? Does it make sense to tap into its potential to drive more real estate leads?
    Real Estate Marketing, Twitter

    Which is Better For Real Estate Agents Linkedin or Twitter

    By Ben Shepardson | June 3, 2021
    While traditional businesses enjoy a brilliant online presence, we cannot underestimate the role played by the social media platform in real estate campaigns. Thanks to the changing operations in a techno-based world. Though the brick and motor retail trade still stands, more leads and traffic are experienced by clicking and browsing the web. As a […]
    Real Estate Marketing, Twitter

    How Realtors Can Make Money With Twitter’s New Super Follow

    By Matt Southern | March 2, 2021
    New features are on the way that will allow people to make money directly from Twitter for the first time ever. Twitter users can soon offer exclusive content to followers for a monthly fee with a new feature called Super Follow. Subscribers will receive access to premium content such as newsletters and tweets that can […]
    Real Estate Marketing, Twitter

    5 Great Tips for Optimizing Your Real Estate Business with Twitter

    By Ben Shepardson | February 18, 2020
    Twitter has emerged as one of the most powerful social media tools for real estate marketers. This social media platform boasts over 330 million monthly active users (MAUs). 80% of these Twitter users (248 million people) are Millennial's who are among your top targets. Some of the reasons to use Twitter include: Driving more traffic […]
    Real Estate Marketing, Twitter

    The Basics of Using Twitter to Boost Your Real Estate Sales

    By Ben Shepardson | October 28, 2019
    Over the last five years, learn have made up the largest part of home buyers. In 2018 for instance, Millenials represented 36% of the home buying market. It is a no-brainer then for marketers to leverage cool digital technology to target these home buyers. Using twitter for real estate sales has emerged as one of […]
    Real Estate Marketing, Twitter

    Twitter Advertising for Real Estate: Here are the Dos and Don’ts to remember

    By Ben Shepardson | June 24, 2019
    Are you looking for an easy way to revamp your real estate marketing strategy?  Would you like to integrate a new tool for better lead generation? If so, it is time to learn about Twitter real estate advertising. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. As of the end of 2018, Twitter […]
    Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Marketing, Social Media, Twitter

    Top 50 Male Real Estate Agents on Twitter

    By Violeta-Loredana Pascal | January 21, 2019
    Twitter is an established social media platform - also known as a micro-blogging platform. The real estate professionals are using it for years and there are great accounts with interesting content out there. We already presented you top 50 female real estate agents on Twitter and in this article we will focus on the best […]
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