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How To Get A Loan For Investing In Real Estate

By Jamie Richardson | May 13, 2021
Getting a loan for your investment property can be tricky but it doesn't have to be impossible. Read our blog for a simple guide on how to get your investment loan. Obtaining a loan to invest in real estate isn’t too different from seeking a loan for a property you plan to live in. There […]

Hard Money Loans Still Have Legs

By Brian Kline | August 7, 2019
There are many ways to successfully invest in real estate. Hard money lending isn’t heard about much these days but still has a valuable place in the investing world. Hard money lenders generally don't value real estate in the same ways as most investors and other real estate professionals. As an investor, you should know […]

Real Estate Crowdfunding vs. Hard Money Lenders: An In-depth Analysis

By Guest Author | July 28, 2016
Financing real estate projects is becoming easier and more diversified, given the power of the Internet, the rise of crowdfunding and hard money lending. Both forms of financing have advantages, making each appropriate based on the financial needs of borrowers. These advantages become clearer, by examining both types of financing in detail. Crowdfunding Real estate […]
Real Estate Investing

Investing Your Private Money In Todays Market

By Brian Kline | July 4, 2016
There are many ways to successfully invest in real estate. One that is currently taking on a renewed life is private money lending. With the banks sitting on the sidelines, private lending creates an opportunity for investors to make a high return while having their money secured by real property. Private money lending can be […]
House Flipping, Real Estate Investing

Hard Money Loans When It's Your Only Option

By Brian Kline | September 8, 2015
Although bank loans are still difficult to come by, there are multiple financing sources available. More and more retirement funds are being pulled out of the stock market and being invested in private mortgages. Crowd funding is becoming another viable alternative. These funding sources work well once you have them in place. However, it can […]
Investing, US Real Estate

Hard Money - When the Timing and Price Are Right

By Brian Kline | September 5, 2013
Hard money loans are often loans of last resort. They certainly have a place in every investor's toolbox but these loans must be used appropriately. Terms and conditions for hard money loans vary greatly. However, they are typically short term loans with high interest rates and the real estate they are secured by needs to […]
Featured News, US Real Estate

Hard Money Lenders vs. Hard Money Partners

By Donna S. Robinson | August 15, 2012
Hard money has always been a staple ingredient in the real estate investors recipe book. But since the housing crash and credit crisis all but eliminated many of the traditional lending programs for real estate investing, hard money lending is making a big comeback. If you've never had any previous experience with this form of financing, you may find this information crucial for your success.
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