Analysts say housing market could open up for frustrated buyers later this year

The spring home buying season is getting into full swing but many thousands of aspiring home buyers have unfortunately found themselves priced out of the market. With scant home listings available, rising prices, interest rates on the up and bidding wars still commonplace, it’s no wonder many feel like they’re unable to compete. Still, housing

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Homebuyers’ concerns over virtual tour privacy

Out of all the concerns homebuyers could have when looking at a property, one would never guess virtual tour privacy would come around. Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic has changed how businesses operate across industries. Real estate is not an exception. With the restrictions and social distancing, it became impossible to have an open house and

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Redfin CEO says buyers still ignorant of climate change threat

Redfin Chief Executive Glenn Kelman has said buyers looking for affordable homes are increasingly “marching into the jaws of destruction” by ignoring the threat of climate change. Scientists say human-induced climate change is resulting in more intense wildfires as well as the increased ferocity of hurricanes and floods, which all pose severe risks to homes

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How Homebuyers and Sellers are Feeling with the Current Real Estate Market

Seemingly overnight, most industries are finding themselves at the mercy of the coronavirus pandemic — real estate included. The U.S. government has declared the residential real estate sector a crucial public service in the midst of social distancing, but how do current buyer and seller sentiments compare to pre-pandemic aspirations? surveyed 1,000 people from across the

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First Steps in becoming a Homeowner

Housing costs continue to rise, squeezing renters and homeowners alike, but owning real property is one of the most important long-term investments a person can make. Unlike cars and other high-dollar purchases, real estate generally tends to appreciate over time, though the market is cyclical and can suffer periodically during economic downturns. Having a mortgage

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Easier Mortgages a Bright Spot for Future HomeBuyers

After a long period of not enough houses for sale and tough mortgage qualification standards, buyers could use some good news. That good news is the approval bar to qualify for a mortgage is expected to be lowered going forward

Trulia analysis reveals low inventory causes ‘hurried’ homebuying

Trulia has published the findings of its latest Inventory and Price Watch index, finding that falling inventory is strongly correlated with how long homes stay on the market.

Interest rates are homebuyer’s biggest concern in 2017, Zillow says

The majority (53 percent) of current home shoppers consider rising interest rates to be among the top factors impacting their ability to purchase a home, according to a new survey

You don’t need a 20 percent down payment to buy a home

It’s great if you actually have 20 percent to put down on your first home, but this kind of down payment isn’t necessary by all means. Still, many prospective homebuyers believe that 20 percent down is the norm, and that could be holding them back from buying their first home.

Steep rise in unmarried couples buying homes together

The share of young unmarried couples buying homes together has been on the rise over the past decade, according to a new Zillow analysis.

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