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Age is no barrier for mortgage applicants

By Mike Wheatley | January 23, 2020
Many older citizens do not realize that they could still qualify for a mortgage, even though discrimination against applicants based on their age is forbidden by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Indeed, even some mortgage professionals are unaware of the rules, it seems. The Wall Street Journal relates the case of Mary Babinski, a senior […]

Report: Lenders snubbing low-end borrowers

By Mike Wheatley | May 15, 2019
People in the low- and middle-income bracket are increasingly struggling to obtain smaller mortgages, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The report says that “low-end borrowers” are seeing their mortgage applications denied at higher rates than those who apply for bigger loans, even though many of those borrowers have a similar credit […]
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Most lenders struggle to implement digital mortgage tech in time

By Mike Wheatley | July 30, 2018
Mortgage lenders are increasingly moving towards so-called “digital mortgages” in which many providers attempt to complete the majority, if not the entire, application process online.
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Cash-strapped buyers turn to crowdfunding to raise a down payment

By Mike Wheatley | May 16, 2018
A growing number of aspiring homeowners are turning to crowdfunding platforms as a way of raising funds to cover their down payments. Crowdfunding platforms such as HomeFundMe and Feather the Nest have recently emerged, catering specifically for the home down payment market, reports. The idea is that wannabe homeowners can use the platforms to […]
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7 Questions to Ask Hard Money Lenders

By Jamie Richardson | April 20, 2018
Borrowers are often required to consider every advantage and disadvantage of loans, especially those from hard money lenders. If you are considering a hard money loan,
All about the dream for first time home buyers
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Easier Mortgages a Bright Spot for Future HomeBuyers

By Brian Kline | January 16, 2018
After a long period of not enough houses for sale and tough mortgage qualification standards, buyers could use some good news. That good news is the approval bar to qualify for a mortgage is expected to be lowered going forward
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Lenders are easing standards, making it easier to obtain a mortgage

By Mike Wheatley | September 28, 2017
Government-backed mortgage services Fannie Mae says that lenders are easing their standards for consumers to qualify for a mortgage.
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