A Few Problems You Can Afford to Overlook When House Hunting

Most homes do not live up to our expectations. 99.9 percent of the homes that we will encounter will have at least one undesirable trait. Many times that one undesirable trait is enough to scare the buyer away. If that happens at every house, the buyer and real estate agent might find themselves with a long and stressful search ahead of them.

New Start-Up Helps Buyers Pre Qualify for Mortgage

One of the most important things that anyone searching for a home should find out, before they go house hunting, is what kind of mortgage loan they are likely to qualify for. Thanks to a new start-up, buyers in Arizona can now do exactly that

Winter Real Estate Blues are a Thing of the Past

Changes in the way properties are listed and in the methods that buyers are searching for them mean that selling your home during the winter is a much more viable option than it used to be, according to a story in SeattlePi. The way things used to work was that real estate agents would often

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HomeSpotter – The NextGen of Realtor Apps

Lucky realtors are about to be given the chance to try out some amazing technology that will greatly simplify searching for homes. MobileRealtyApps recently released their HomeSpotter application for iPhones and iPads, which allows users to point their device at a street, or even individual buildings and homes and receive relevant, up to date data

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