5 Tips For Preparing A House For Sale

Are you in the process of selling your house?  If the answer is yes, then, most likely, you know it involves significant work. When you list your home, it entails house viewings, appraisals, and client negotiations, aside from the fact that you also need to maintain the place’s cleanliness. However, many are still wondering, if

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8 Reliable Ways to Protect a Real Estate Asset

For a 30-year mortgage, the average rate is 4.17%. The rate isn’t standard, as housing prices keep fluctuating. Yet investing in real estate will see your assets appreciating over the years. If you’ve decided to join the real estate industry, asset protection is paramount. Just like in most industries, investing in real estate has its shortcomings.

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Tips For Choosing Houses For Sale In Liverpool NY

With a wide range of houses for sale in Liverpool, NY, looking for the perfect home that suits your needs can be a tricky task. Since real estate is a valuable asset you can have in your life, it’s essential to consider some factors that can help you make the right choice. To fully benefit

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Things You Need To Know About Companies That Buy Houses

Companies that buy houses have existed for years. But for some homeowners, selling a property to these companies may be a step into the unknown. These companies buy houses in cash for a profit. Since a company is getting something from your property, expect everything to be smoother when selling to them than other methods

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Real Estate Investment Strategies Every New Investor Needs To Know

It’s no secret that the real estate business is a sustainable source of big money especially if you are offering good cash for houses.

San Francisco home prices jump $100k in just 3 months

Homeowners in San Francisco might well be rubbing their hands with glee with the news that property prices in the city have skyrocketed upwards once again.

New Story bids to solve world’s housing shortage with 3D printed homes

A San Francisco charity called New Story seems to think so, and to that end its just showed off a new 3D printer it built in partnership with construction technology firm ICON that it wants to use to build affordable homes

The Market Needs More New Affordable Homes

Across much of the country, home prices keep jumping and price wars are happening. Most people would think that would be a major incentive for new home construction. However, new construction is decreasing according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Across the country, the number of newly built homes fell to only 72,600 in April.

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Couples turning to auctions to sell their high-end luxury homes

Once it was considered a way to sell only distressed properties. Today, couples use it as a way to sell their luxury home, especially if it is facing foreclosure.

How will 3D printing change the real estate landscape?

The impact of this technology on real estate was brought home in January with the world’s first 3D-printed apartment building in China. Over the next 10 years, experts say it’ll completely disrupt commercial real estate.

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