Expect An Interest Rate Hike After Today’s Federal Reserve Inflation Data

Will today’s Federal Reserve inflation data lead to increased interest rates and a slowdown of economic easing?

Will Marijuana Turn Denver into The Next San Francisco?

No question about it, the Denver housing market is “cooking with gas”. When it comes to housing prices and rental rates Denver is the only inland city that is experiencing the kind of explosion in housing prices usually seen only in popular coastal cities like San Francisco. Traditionally coastal cities such as New York, San

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How To Create a Housing Boom? Build More Trains!

Want to know how we can generate a new housing boom right here in the US? Simple, build more high speed rail links. At least, that’s what the authors of a joint study the University of California-Los Angeles and Tsinghua University in China are claiming.

Flipper’s Role in Housing Bubble Exposed

A new federal report shows that house flippers – investors who bought properties in the housing boom, did them up, then sold them on for a quick profit – bear more responsibility for the housing bubble than we first thought, according to a report in the Associated Press. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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