Luxury Homes Are Where It’s At

Recently there’s been an upsurge in large and expensive homes once again, as more affluent buyers enter the market. Last July saw sales of homes costing above $1 million rise by an astonishing 46.6% from July of the previous year.

Real Estate Media Company Hanley Wood, LLC Acquires MetroStudy

In case you missed it, real estate media giant Hanley Wood, LLC announced late last week that it has acquired Metrostudy, a leading provider of primary and secondary market data relating to the housing and construction industries.

Fewer Distressed Properties Sold in California

Distressed properties in Los Angeles County accounted for 51% of homes sold during March, down from a total of 56% in February, according to the California Association of Realtors yesterday.

13% of US Homes Are vacant: Are The Figures Misleading?

With so many foreclosure houses sitting around empty these days, housing markets across the country are faltering as property values and sales prices continue to drop. But are the 13% of US homes now vacant misleading us into a false sense of insecurity?

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