Young professionals drive growth in new home market

New home sales have reportedly doubled in the past couple of weeks, with millennials aged 31 to 40 driving up demand, according to new data from John Burns Real Estate Consulting. The data shows that most new home buyers are couples and individuals who’ve been looking to buy real estate for some time, and are

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The New Suburbia-City

It’s time for suburbia as defined by the Millennials. Some people are calling it “Hipsturbia” but the tag “hipster” is a bit old for this new generation redefining what has been left to them by the baby boomers. I’m sure they’ll come up with a better tagline than Hipsturbia. It was only a short 18

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Tips For Millennials Applying for 43% of Mortgages in 2018

Applying for a mortgage is a huge decision and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Make sure you’re prepared for anything that can happen with your mortgage before you make the decision to purchase a home.

Millennials Moving into Home Ownership

Millennials have long had a reputation as the “delay” generation, slow to reach many of the milestones associated with midlife: “launching” and moving out from the parental homestead, settling into a single career track, starting a family, and purchasing a first home.

Could Real Estate Crowdfunding Help Millennials Retire Sooner?

Real estate has long been lauded as a sensible investment for retirement. After all, real estate assets provide a relatively safe way to hedge your portfolio against volatility in the stock market, and they can also provide passive retirement income.

Millennials on the Move, But the Housing Market and Lenders Aren’t Ready

There has been a lot of press coverage surrounding how a number of millennials have struggled to get on the property ladder, but it seems that this generation is now starting to move to the suburbs in much bigger numbers, leaving their rented flats behind

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