Why A Mortgage Broker Is Necessary For First-Time Home Buyers

Mortgage brokers serve as a conduit between customers and lenders, and they can make a significant difference in your search for the ideal loan.  If it’s your first time buying a house, you should know that you will be making a considerable investment. Thus, working with a mortgage broker can benefit you in many ways. 

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Questions To Ask Vancouver Mortgage Broker Companies Before Hiring

Engaging in the services of a mortgage broker in Vancouver is a major decision in your life. It is one that should come with a lot of thought and questions. Your relationship with your mortgage broker should be a lasting one, being that you will regularly see each other for years to come, until such

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Finding the Best Mortgage

A fundamental mistake many realtors make (even the most experienced) occurs when he or she first talks to a potential buyer. As soon as the realtor learns the potential buyer isn’t preapproved for a loan, they frequently do one of two things. Either they tell the potential client they don’t work with unapproved buyers or

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Considering a Loan Modification: The Legal Ramifications

Imagine this ! You purchased your home and have been making your payments diligently every month for the last 4 years. The real estate market value in your area has dropped and you find yourself “upside down” in your loan. (You owe the bank more than what your home is worth). So what’s your next move?

First Time Home Buyers – Frugality Is Not A Naughty Word

Buying your first home can be thrilling – and frightening as well, as it’s among the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. It’s not something to entertain lightly, as so many things need to be considered before choosing a place to call your own. There are aesthetics of course – nobody wants to live in

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