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New tax rules could negatively impact some homeowners

By Mike Wheatley | February 12, 2019
With tax season approaching, many homeowners may be confused about what they can and can’t write off due to changes introduced in the new tax code. For example, one of the biggest changes is that homeowners who used to write off interest paid on their mortgage and property taxes, might not be able to do […]
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Real Inflation Likely To Undermine A Housing Recovery

By Donna S. Robinson | October 19, 2012
The idea that home prices benefit from inflation is a long held tenet of real estate investing. This belief originated in the 1980's during the first era of creative finance. Most investing "gurus" of that period taught seminars in which they said that home prices were rising because of the inflation which occurred in the […]
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Spring Affordability Puts Bounce in Buyers' Steps

By Broderick Perkins | May 18, 2012
As interest rates hover around record low levels and home prices bounce along the bottom, incomes are also cooperating to make housing more affordable than ever, not that it makes much difference when lenders remain so tight-fisted with their mortgage money
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What You Thought You Knew About The Tax Benefits of Owning A Home

By Anita Cooper | April 19, 2012
When you add in financing costs, home ownership can certainly take a bite out of your budget. You may believe that the tax benefits of owning your own home will counter the costs you will incur, and to a certain extent your costs will be reimbursed, however you might be surprised at just what you can expect in terms of tax credits and/or deductions.
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