Owning vs. Renting The House: What Is Still More Profitable?

What can be better than having your own, private, and cozy space, a place that you can call your home?  Without any doubt, having a bit of personal space is something each of us strives for. However, to have one, it is not necessary to buy it. Rental is probably one of the best things

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Americans Overoptimistic About Homeownership This Year

59 million American adults (one in four) are considering buying a home this year, according to a new Bankrate.com report. That includes about 16 million who are very likely and 20 million who are somewhat likely

Protect Your Home Value by Keeping These Systems in Order

Owning a home is a big responsibility. Part of this responsibility is ensuring that different parts of your home receive the proper maintenance.

The Good Side of A Down Market – Are You Renting When You Could Be Buying?

In their efforts to make the dream of home ownership possible for more individuals, government officials may have unwittingly created something better than “forced” home affordability… real market conditions which are making homes more affordable for the average family.

Home Ownership – A Losing Proposition?

Should home ownership be billed as an “investment”? I suppose that depends upon whom you ask. Take for instance Rich Arzaga. As the founder and CEO of Cornerstone Wealth Management, and adjunct professor in personal finance at Berkeley, you would think that Arzaga, like every other finance guru, touts home ownership as being a fantastic way to grow your wealth. If you were to bet that he did, you would lose that bet…

Young People Explain Why They’re Not Buying Now

Most real estate experts, when asked why people are not buying homes anymore, are quick to point to problems with the economy and the debate about whether the housing market has bottomed out or not.   But, according to a recent poll by The Nest at least, this is not the main reason why first

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