Canadian REIT NorthWest Announces Over-allotment Buyout

The NorthWest International Healthcare Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (TSXV: MOB.UN 2.24) has announced exercising their option to purchase over-allotted shares of their equity offering. The purchase at $2 per price of the 850,900 units remaining puts the purchase at $1.7 million.

The REAL Lazy Man’s Way To Riches – Building An Income You Don’t Have To Work For

Thanks to high government debts and the resulting monetary policy of forcing interest rates to near zero, retired seniors and boomers nearing retirement are discovering that “retirement planning” ain’t what it used to be…

Is A Rental Property Bubble Developing?

Investors would do well to be very aware of the rental activity in their local market before investing too heavily in rental properties. From small “mom and pop” investors buying single family homes, to REIT’s who are focused on building more apartment complexes, there has been something of a new “fever” developing in the rental

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Home Properties Acquires Two Apartment Communities

Home Properties Inc. has revealed details about its purchase of two apartment communities:  The Gates of Deer Grove in Palatine, IL. for $20.2 million and The Courts at Dulles in Herndon, VA. for $92.75 million. With these transactions, Home Properties purchases for 2011 have reached $500.8 million. On November 30, Home Properties purchased The Courts

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Investors To Stake a Claim on the Empire State Building

Real estate investors may soon be given a chance to own a piece of one of Americas most famous landmarks, as Malkin Holdings LLC, the company that operates New York’s Empire State Building, is set to become a REIT – a publicly traded real estate investment trust, early in the New Year. The Empire State

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Calling All REITs – Get Your Red Hot Germany

In an article posted a few hours ago, the Wall Street Journal’s Laura Stevens shined a spotlight on the Germany real estate market. And rightly so. From our perspective here in Germany, it seems a small wonder Germany’s IPO offering from one of the only four REIT’s did not cause more of a stir. However, just as Stevens predicts, the future of German investment is MORE.

Oakland A’s Owner Wolff Considers Selling His Hotels

Oakland Athletics co-owner Lew Wolff says the time may soon be right for his real estate firm, Maritz, Wolff & Co., to part ways with approximately $500 million worth of hotel property, and return that cash to investors. In the 1990s, according to Bloomberg, Wolff started acquiring luxury hotels at a time when onlookers considered

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Allianz and Others Looks to Expand Portfolio Possibilities

In investment news from Europe, retail property looks like the next boom territory for investors on the continent. According to a recent Jones Lang LaSalle survey, retail investment in 2010 accounted for at least 28 percent of the total commercial property sector. And, Allianz Real Estate, a unit of German insurer Allianz SE, is actually broadcasting they intend investing €11 billion more.

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