The Great Resignation is pushing more Americans to relocate

The so-called “Great Resignation” is leading to thousands of Americans relocating. Large numbers of Americans, young and old, have left the workforce in the U.S. since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re leaving their jobs in record numbers, looking for a fresh start, and they are showing a desire not only for a career

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A quarter of U.S. home buyers intend to relocate to smaller cities & towns

One quarter of home buyers say they’re planning to move from their current residence, with many saying the COVID-19 pandemic has convinced them to relocate to smaller towns and cities. Redfin reported last week that its database of more than one million house hunters shows that a record 27% are looking to move to a

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4 Things To Consider When You Move To Another Country

Although time-consuming and stressful, moving to another country comes with a lot of benefits. Taking this step will allow you to learn a new language, open new horizons, get a global view of the world, and improve how you communicate with the people around you. This will also make it easy for you to make

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Relocating For Work? Can’t Miss Checklist to Help You Move

Relocation for a job can help an individual advance quickly in their career as not all professionals are willing to do this. A great new position in an exciting city can change your quality of life in a very positive way. Picking the right apartment or home to reside in can make all of the

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Relocating your business soon? Pay attention to these mistakes

Moving day is almost here. Business relocation offers opportunities for acquiring more room, lowering operating costs, and upgrading the facilities. Moving your company abroad will transform your profits. If you are planning to set up all your business operations in a different place, it is important not to neglect certain details. While relocation is an

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Interstate Moving and How to Prepare Mentally for It

Finally, you’ve bought that dream house of yours. Now, the SOLD sign will be pegged to the ground and paperwork will be ready and signed. You start to think about how much it will cost you to move your personal belongings interstate? Don’t stress! Here are tips to help you mentally prepare for that interstate

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You Want Me to Move Where? Tenant Relocation Clauses in Office Leases

Many commercial real estate leases contain tenant relocation clauses, which allow the landlord to require that the tenant move to different rental space. Since relocations are uncommon, tenants may not pay attention to those clauses when negotiating their leases. However, the terms in the relocation clause can make–or break–a tenant’s business when triggered. Why Landlords

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What to Expect When You’re Moving for Work or on Assignment

Relocation and extended business trips are commonplace in large corporations, government agencies, and the medical industry.

This historic New Jersey home could be yours for just $10, but there’s a catch

Developers have listed an historic, century-old Montclair, New Jersey home for the ridiculously low price of just $10. But interested buyers should beware, for there is a catch

Tampa Bay named as U.S.’s top relocation spot

Americans are on the move as the country’s economy continues to grow and people are heading south to improve their quality of life and take advantage of Tampa’s affordable housing prices, strong job market, and no income tax status.

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