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8 Tips for Dominating the Short-Term Rental Market

By RealtyBiz News | November 12, 2022
The short-term rental market is booming right now. If you’re looking to start investing in short-term rental properties, or if you’re looking to expand your already existing portfolio, you need to put your efforts into overdrive right now. You can gain massive amounts of passive income if you invest in the right short-term rental properties, […]
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7 Ways to ace your Rental Application

By Jamie Richardson | July 19, 2021
One of the most important jobs you have to do while planning to rent a house is satisfying the landlords with your deeds by writing an excellent rental application. There are many ways by which you can do so.  Landlords these days don't care about a rental application. They judge the person by assuring if […]
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7 important requirements before renting out your property

By Jamie Richardson | March 9, 2021
Landlords who are new to the game or those wishing to refresh their knowledge will know that there’s quite a bit of admin involved in being a landlord, and before renting out your property, it’s important to follow a few commandments. To help, we’ve put together this practical guide for landlords. Make sure the rental […]
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Ask Brian: Is it Wiser to Rent or Own a Home Right Now?

By Brian Kline | March 1, 2021
Ask Brian is a weekly column by Real Estate Expert Brian Kline. If you have questions on real estate investing, DIY, home buying/selling, or other housing inquiries please email your questions to [email protected] Question from Camilla in NM: Hello Brian, my dad has been riding me about buying my first house. He sounds like a […]
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Standardized Single-Family Rental Terms and Definitions

By Brian Kline | February 18, 2021
The National Rental Home Council (NRHC) has established “recommended best practices for defining, calculating, and reporting key financial and operational disclosure metrics for the single-family rental (SFR) industry.” Green Street Advisors’ Advisory and Consulting Group provided subject matter expertise and worked with NRHC members to develop standardized definitions and calculations of common disclosure metrics and […]
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A Basic 3 Minute Single Family Rental Investment Analysis

By Brian Kline | January 26, 2020
You’re probably familiar with the 80/20 rule also known as the “Pareto’s Principle.” The 80/20 rule is a general rule that basically means there is not an equal relationship between your efforts and your results. The principle states that 20% of your effort is responsible for 80% of your results. That’s not particularly a good […]
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How To Get Your Home Rented Faster

By Jamie Richardson | January 22, 2020
The percentage of householders who rent their homes rose from 31.2 percent in 2006 to 36.6 percent in 2016, indicating a growing supply of rental homes in the US market, according to Census Bureau housing data. If you have a rental home, this is bad news, as it means that you have to compete with more […]
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