Selling your home this year? Here’s why you should list it right now

If you are thinking of selling and buying in 2017, the early bird may get the worm. And the best new nest.

More Home Sales are Failing to Close – Don’t Be Concerned YET

In late 2014, Trulia began measuring the number of home sales that failed to be completed. The measurement is calculated by counting the number of listings moving into a status of “active contingent”

How to Get a Better Selling Price for Your Property

With so much money at stake, it’s crucial to spend some time finding ways on how to get a better selling price for your property. Below are some of the most effective ways you can do this.

Sealing the Deal: Using Incentives to Lure a Buyer for Your Home

Selling your home can be a stressful and difficult task, especially when the process drags on for months. In an ideal seller’s market, you would probably find a willing buyer within weeks

7 Things Most People Don’t Know about Selling Their Home for the First Time

Many first time home sellers end up making mistakes that keep them from getting the best possible price for their property. If you have never sold a home before, here are a few things that you should know before you begin the whole process.

4 Housing Issues That Will Make Your Property Incredibly Hard to Sell

Some houses barely make it to see a sign in the front lawn before they sell, while others seem stalled from the start. What is it that makes some homes so incredibly difficult to sell?

Late Spring Homes Sales Stall

The residential sales market is changing at a faster rate than it ever has in the past. Trade up buyers are staying out of the market late this spring. In years past, these are the buyers that traditionally listed properties the earliest in the selling season. The reason being is that they were also out

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Common Real Estate Myths You Should Know About

Everyone has an opinion on the best way to buy and sell a home, but like diet advice, it may not always be backed up by facts. These common real estate myths can make the process more difficult for you as well as impacting the financial outcome of both buying and selling. Take a look

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Strategies for Getting a Real Estate Offer Accepted

In many of today’s residential real estate markets the sellers are in control. When inventories are low and prices are going up it’s a sellers’ market. That’s when buyers need to tighten their strategy to get an offer accepted. When buying a home, a car, or any other major purchase, your primary strategy is understanding

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Home Selling 101: How To Do It The Right Way

It can be as hard to sell a dwelling in the U.S. as it is to sell one in France—unless you know a few secrets that can help you do it the right way

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