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Fannie Mae Offers More Short Sale Assistance To Agents

By Mike Wheatley | June 7, 2013
Fannie Mae is hoping to get short sales moving more quickly by asking real estate agents to register accepted offers with it as soon as possible, in order that it can work with mortgage servicers to get such transactions finalized in a faster time frame.
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Oregon Experiences "Boomerang Buyer" Boom

By Allison Halliday | June 5, 2013
According to Best Rate Home Loans, borrowers in Oregon have begun buying homes once more, and are taking advantage of foreclosure and short sales to save an average of $57,000. Many borrowers who have previously been through a short sale or foreclosure are now eligible for an FHA loan, and are becoming so called ‘boomerang buyers.’
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Lenders Shy Away From Short Sales As Home Prices Rise

By Mike Wheatley | June 3, 2013
What with home prices on the rise across the country, we're seeing the first signs of lenders turning away from short sales in the belief that they can secure a significantly better price through foreclosure, according to new stats from Realty Trac.
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Increasing Numbers of Buyers Are Eligible for FHA Loans

By Allison Halliday | May 16, 2013
The numbers of FHA eligible homebuyers is increasing, and it’s expected that 70% of those forced to sell during the recession will be able to regain homeownership status within the next eight years. Housing inventory numbers are expected to continue declining as home prices surge due to more FHA borrowers taking advantage of the programs attractive down payment options and interest rates.
Real Estate, US Real Estate Launches New Loan Eligibility App

By Allison Halliday | April 12, 2013 recently introduced its loan eligibility app, and 4,000 interested buyers have already completed the application just one month after its introduction. The aim of the app Is to help borrowers gauge if there is a loan program available to help them buy a new home right now or in the near future, or if there may be any qualifying items that could be affecting their ability to purchase.
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The Short Sale Process: How To Avoid Delays

By Mike Wheatley | February 22, 2013
Short sales offer underwater homeowners an easier way out of trouble, but they don’t always proceed as smoothly as we like – this kind of transaction can take up to three months longer than a regular sale, and during that time there’s lots of potential for the deal to go sour.
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Short Sale Bargains Are A Thing Of The Past

By Guest Author | January 12, 2013
The idea that a buyer is going to purchase a short sale significantly below market value should be dismissed; those days (if they really existed) are long gone. The reasons vary but the one constant is that lenders are not going to absorb the loss of a single dollar more than required.
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