Boomerang buyers: 7.3 million ex-homeowners ready to bounce back

The first wave of home owners who had lost their home to foreclosure or short sale during the foreclosure crisis are re-emerging, having made it past that seven-year window often needed to repair their credit ratings

Realty Trac: Median Price of Distressed Homes up 18%

The median price of distressed residential properties, which are those that are either in the foreclosure process or owned by a bank, jumped up by 18 percent year-over-year in October

Boomerang Buyers AREN’T Bouncing Back

Only a small number of Americans who went through a foreclosure or short sale during the economic downturn have bought homes again, according to a study by Experian.

Short Sales Falling Out of Favor with Underwater Homeowners

Real estate professionals say that their underwater sellers are less likely to consider a short sale, even if faced with foreclosure.

Home Sales Dropped in February

Last month home sales fell by 7.1% compared to February 2013 when a number of homes sold was 4.95 million. This meant home sales reached the lowest level seen for any month since July 2012. The experts are blaming the drop on the weather as well as the QM rule which was introduced in January

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Why Short Sales Often Don’t Live Up To Their Name

An article in points out that whenever home buyers hear the word short sale, they take it to mean a property will be a good deal and is being sold by a distressed seller, particularly in areas where prices have already begun to rise quite substantially. In fact the reality can be quite different,

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As Prices Rise, Fewer Lenders Prepared to Grant Short Sales

According to a RealtyTrac report, fewer lenders are willing to sanction short sales due to the fact that property prices are increasing. Over the past few months the number of short sales has gradually been falling. The article in Inman News shows that nationally in October short sales accounted for just 5.3% of all sales

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What To Consider When Qualifying A Short Sale

Short sales are slowly fading into the past but good deals will remain until increasing house values fully exceed under water values. Right now, short sales remain a viable investment option in many markets. Start By Qualifying the Seller While the amount of time it takes loan servicers to decide to accept a short sale

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Foreclosure University Announces New Transactional Funding for Real Estate Investors

Foreclosure University recently announced that they have transactional funding available for investors. This can be used on any back-to-back closing in all 50 states regardless of whether it is for short sales, wholesale deals or reo’s.

Fannie Mae Offers More Short Sale Assistance To Agents

Fannie Mae is hoping to get short sales moving more quickly by asking real estate agents to register accepted offers with it as soon as possible, in order that it can work with mortgage servicers to get such transactions finalized in a faster time frame.

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