Singapore Authorities’ Housing Market Warning May Fall on Deaf Ears

Singapore authorities have already warned that the housing market is not heading in the right direction. As experienced in the last four years, there are low sales of apartments, and the price

Singapore Residential Mortgage Refinancing Begins to Heat up

Just over one month into the year of the horse there is good news for homeowners in Singapore. The Central Bank has begun to loosen debt servicing ratio assessments (usually known as TDSR) for owner occupied home mortgages, and banks are beginning to launch new promotional housing loan packages to meet demand. The latest updates

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Singapore HDB Acts to Protect Serious Buyers

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore is taking action to protect serious buyers, and has amended its rules to discourage those buyers who make a booking before cancelling it later on.

Singapore Property Goes Flat, But Outlook Is Good Say Analysts

Real estate prices in Singapore were largely unchanged over the previous month, with the country’s property index gaining just 0.2% over the month of July, thanks to the global uncertainty over the US and EU economies. Speaking to the IB Times, Colin Tan of the Chesterton Suntec International consultancy firms explained that the Singapore’s housing

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Singapore Fund Promises to Emulate Past Success

In investment news from Singapore, Keppel Land Limited has announced their Alpha Investment Partners arm’s closing of its Alpha Asia Macro Trends Fund II of over $460 million as of June. According to the news, eight institutional investors made up the bulk of this round of funding.

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