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Keep Your Solar Panels Clean: 5 Tips for Cleaning Solar Panels

By Jamie Richardson | June 5, 2019
Neglected solar panels can cost you up to a 25% decrease in electricity produced. This electricity hits your wallet by requiring you to source the necessary electricity from a utility company. Cleaning solar panels may not be the first task on your mind. Panels are outside, but that doesn't mean that rain will do all […]
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How Should You Install Solar Panels on Your Roof?

By Jamie Richardson | April 29, 2019
Homeowners in Idaho should consult a professional before planning to install their roof-mounted solar panels if they want to maximize the efficiency of harnessing power from sunlight. There are different solar energy companies in Boise and other cities but ask around from service providers with licensed technicians. You could narrow your list up to three […]
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Guild Mortgage to help fund solar panel installations

By Mike Wheatley | May 9, 2018
Some mortgage lenders are offering assistance to homeowners who’re willing to install solar panels by paying for the upfront costs.
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Promise Energy Optimizes Tax Incentives for Solar

By Al Twitty | September 26, 2012
Promise Energy may be the harbinger of new age solar water heating in California. It offers solar energy service agreements that ensure that both state and federal tax credits are maximized. The company announced that it will initiate a novel program at the annual Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH) conference, happening in LA on September 28th.
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A Look at Green Energy Sources for the Home

By Guest Author | December 7, 2011
Since the earth’s finite natural energy sources are rapidly depleting, it is now time to look for new means of providing energy for our homes. Luckily, various renewable energy sources have been developed, and we can now use green energy solutions in our homes. In case you have not already, it's time to catch up on the basics of renewable energy.
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