U.K. startup Biohm is using mushrooms to insulate new homes

U.K. company Biohm is hitting the headlines for its plans to start selling building insulation made from mushrooms. The company, which plans to begin mass producing the insulating material made from mycelium, the thread-like roots of mushrooms, insists its product is far more environmentally-friendly and also more affordable than traditional materials. Biohm points out that

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Green Building Materials for Sustainable Houses of the Future

Building sustainably by making homes more energy efficient is one way of protecting the earth. When a home is more energy efficient, fewer resources are consumed in the home’s daily operation.

Rapid Home Solutions Launches $1.75 Million Indiegogo Campaign

Rapid Home Solutions (RHS) has just launched a $1.75 million campaign to produce one, 1,600 square foot house an hour, via an assembly line. It intends to erect one house on site per 24 hour period.

Green Building Consultant Predicts Trends for 2013

Jerry Yudelson, one of the leading green building and sustainability consultants has just released his annual list of “Top 10 Megatrends” for the green building industry this year. His top 10 trends include the prediction that green building will rebound strongly this year, in terms of LEED project registrations.

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