Behind The Houses: A Closer Look At Living Tiny

From HGTV to reality, tiny homes are popping up in communities and cities around the nation. These unique forms of housing push minimalism to the max, with entire families living in spaces sometimes as small as 500 square feet. But what about tiny homes has appealed to so many, and what continues to make them

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Tiny Houses; A New Real Estate Boom?

The tiny house movement is really taking off across America and it’s making headway in Europe. There are some amazing tiny house designs out there, fully functional houses with many mod cons- just tiny versions that make great use of space. The small house movement is primarily a social movement, but is architecturally important too.

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What is the Tiny House Movement and Should You Jump on the Bandwagon?

Trends. Movements. Whenever Lebron James switches to a different team. These are all things that come and go with time and yet, they have the amazing ability to allure the masses into banding together to form some kind of collective effort

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