How to Maximize Your Home Value

As a homeowner, you are well aware that your house is an investment. This means that you are in charge of ensuring that the value of this investment grows over time. While maintenance can certainly help here, additions and renovations tend to add greater value.  However, as many homeowners can attest, it isn’t always easy

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Is Fixing Up a House Worth It? This Is What Adds Value to a Home

Whether you are a new homeowner or a long time homeowner, taking care of your home is probably a top priority because more than likely it is one of your biggest investments. If you are looking to either build equity or get the most money when you sell your home, you might be wondering “is

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U.S. housing market now worth $33.6 trillion, Zillow says

The total value of every home in the U.S. is $33.6 trillion, nearly as much as the GDP of the two largest global economies combined – the U.S. ($20.5 trillion) and China ($13.6 trillion) – according to a new Zillow analysis. Since 2010, when the market was battling to regain its footing in the wake

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How to Increase the Value of Your Home for Under $10,000

As a homeowner, you want to find ways to increase the value of your property. Granted upgrading your swimming pool, building a new kitchen, or adding a third floor to your house can do this. But what if you want to get some bang for your buck? Specifically, what can you do under $10,000 to

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Ways You Can Increase the Value of Your Property

You can increase the worth of your property and give it away at a higher cost than you purchased it. The ultimate goal of investing in a property is to make profits off it. You can make renovations and make it better and more appealing to the potential buyers. The following are ways you can

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Here’s how much real estate $1 will buy in major U.S. markets

It’s no secret that housing prices have been quickly climbing over the past decade — the median home value in the U.S. is higher than ever before,

Home price growth is slowing down in most larger markets

Home-value growth is slowing in almost two-thirds of the nation’s largest housing markets, according to the July Zillow Real Estate Market Report.

Young aspiring homeowners to struggle until 2025, Freddie says

Freddie Mac raised few eyebrows today when it reiterated what most of us already knew – that the rising costs of housing are the biggest hurdle for younger people trying to get into real estate for the first time, in a new repor

Almost one third of U.S. households “cost-burdended” due to rising home prices

The number of “cost-burdened” Americans who’re struggling due to housing costs has risen to almost 14 million households within the last 30 years.

Here’s how much Americans value homeownership

Homeownership is so desirable among Americans that they’re willing to make extreme sacrifices, even if it means giving up some of their basic rights, if it means getting a chance to buy a home, according to a new survey.

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