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Tami Longaberger Lists Ohio Mansion for $15 Million

By Mike Wheatley | July 28, 2011

Tami Longaberger, the chief exec of the famous basket-making Longaberger Co., has listed her 200 acre Muskingum County estate. The asking price – a cool $15 million.

The 57,000 square foot luxury mansion has been put up for sale by the Cleveland based realtors, Howard Hanna Real Estate.

Longaberger mansion

Tami Longaberger's Georgian brick mansion. Image courtesy of Dispatch

According to details on the Howard Hanna website listing, the two-storey Georgian brick Longaberger mansion, built in 2000, features a total of twenty rooms in total, including seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, while it also boasts of a garage with room for six cars, a helicopter pad, swimming pool, stables, three ponds in the extensive gardens, a guest wing and finally, a lavish ballroom that can easily accommodate up to 300 guests at a time.

Including the ballroom and the guest wing, the property encompasses 57,000 square feet in all, making it what’s thought to be the largest property of its type in all of Ohio.

Longaberger mansion ballroom

Ballroom at the Longaberger mansion. Image courtesy of Dispatch

“We think it must be the largest mansion in the entire state,” revealed Howard Hanna Real Estate Services president, Howard Hanna IV.

“We can’t be sure if there is one larger, but since our company was founded in 1957, it’s physically the largest property we have dealt with.”

Longaberger is apparently selling the home simply because she feels she doesn’t need it anymore, now her kids have left home. Additionally, she says she spend too much time on the road anyway.

“I’ll be fifty this year, my kids have left and spending three weeks of each month away on business, it’s simply too much space for just one person,” she says.

Tami Longaberger

Tami Longaberger says the mansion is too big for her now her kids have left. Image courtesy of Capital-Style

Discussing prospective buyers, Hanna said he imagined the property being bought either by a rich individual, an educational or medical institution, a company which would use it as a retreat, or perhaps someone with an eye to converting it into a luxury spa.

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is to team up with Christie’s Great Estates, the luxury real estate firm, in order to try and target possible interested parties.

Asked how long it might take to sell the home, Howard honestly said he couldn’t be sure. Nevertheless, he said he was confident someone would snap it up. “It’s going to be interesting, but we’ll find someone I’m sure,” he reassured.

Aerial view Longaberger mansion

Aerial view of the 200 acre Longaberger estate. Image courtesy of Multimedia Menagerie

Should the mansion sell for its $15 million price tag, it would smash the record price paid for a central Ohio home, which is currently held by a New Albany property that fetched just over $5 million in 2010.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
  • 8 comments on “Tami Longaberger Lists Ohio Mansion for $15 Million”

    1. Although built by his daughter, the estate is another legacy to Dave Longaberger - one of the great American entrepreneurs (and one of the very, very few individuals outside the entertainment industry to achieve true "Rock Star" status.) As a husband of a Longaberger Consultant, I have experienced the Basket Bee(s), Dresden Day, The Homestead and the Home Office, made a basket, had baskets signed (and listened to the stories of weavers and family members) toured every inch of the complex (even a few places I was politely asked to leave)... I, too, have seen the changes. That said, it is my great hope that the Longaberger Company returns to its days of glory and completes the grand vision of its founder. I, personally, believe Dave Longaberger would have both found a way to keep the estate within the Company AND had it make profit for the Company. Perhaps we should say "thank you" to the CEO... the Company survivies, being the son or daughter of a legend is the life of a slave (no matter how opulent) and americans demand rock bottom prices (we stick-it to ourselves).

    2. All the Longaberger Baskets are made in America...
      Support America...Buy things made in the USA and let's get USA back on top with working people... stop whinning and start doing...

      1. Well, yes, the baskets STILL are made in America, but with just about everything else Longaberger sells coming from CHINA, you almost have to ask how much longer will the baskets be made in USA. I am certain Dave Longaberger is all but turning over in his grave at what has become of his company. Longaberger started it, when they kept touting the slogan "MADE IN USA"...and made a big deal out of it...then the pottery, wrought iron, liners & fabric, AND the flatware all very quietly started slipping away to be made in CHINA. Shame on them, and shame on every other company who has outsourced to foreign countries, especially to CHINA -- they have sold out their own fellow-citizens in favor of CHINA, and making a few extra lousy bucks. I would pay MORE for stuff made here in the USA, and I know I am not alone in that thought. Maybe they should just go on and LIVE there too.

    3. Why can't people allow well known people alone when it comes to their personal business? I sold Longaberger over 9 years and have been in the mortgage industry. Times are hard for all. Want to pick on Tammy, look at all the other companies that went over seas... look to political avenues for explanation of this. There is plenty of blame to go around. In the meantime, these postings DO NOT belong here where Tammy is trying to conduct her personal business. You have a beef, contact Longaberger Company or better yet, seek your policians out. They need a reality check on how to represent the people. You can't represent the people if you have never been one of them...

    4. And they wonder why the company is losing $$$ and the buyers are unhappy with MADE IN CHINA - Open you eyes CEO - you may just see something!

      1. I totally agree. MADE IN CHINA is what turned me off. Quality went to crap with their pottery and wrought iron. It is so very very sad. I was in Dresden over the weekend and the homestead and it is a ghost town. Pitiful. Why do these business people have to go to china when there are people needing jobs here!

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