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The Use of Cloud Technology in Real Estate

By Al Twitty | December 2, 2016

Technology has indeed come a long way, and it has changed the world in ways much greater than we would have imagined several decades ago. This change has affected almost every aspect of life – from personal relationships to the way we conduct business.


Likewise, cloud technology plays an important role in facilitating transactions between agents and buyers, making it a new popular trend in real estate. So, how does cloud technology affect real estate?

Reliable Storage and Security

Real estate companies and agents make use of the cloud to efficiently store thousands of files that include documents, photos, and other important content that are pertinent to having a successful conduct of business. Storing all these information, which continue to increase, can turn out to be quite a challenge. By using cloud, this data can be stored to a remote database that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, using any device – as long as there is an Internet connection. Moreover, cloud computing technology in 2016 has finally reached the point of being secure enough to actually provide higher quality security measures than most corporate firewalls.

Better Business Efficiency

With files readily available on the cloud, people at two (or more) distinct physical locations can simultaneously work on the same document, with changes being saved in real time. This makes it particularly convenient for real estate agents who are working outside the office to pull up the necessary information to make the buying and selling process more efficient and productive. From the point of view of the buyers, information such as new offers and sold properties are readily available.

Ever since the cloud technology became an integral part of the industry, employees have increasingly started developing interest in expanding their skillset and adding cloud technology to their list. This increased demand for the cloud technology knowledge (coming also from many other industries) has facilitated diffusion of institutions aiming to provide educational services. An example of one such institution would be the CloudAcademy, a company offering cloud certifications to anyone interested.

Instant Accessibility and Sharing

Due to the nature of work in this industry, the importance of easily storing, sharing, and accessing data – and thereby of the cloud – has a direct correlation with establishing a flexible and fast-paced work environment. Agents and consumers are making use of data mining to extract relevant information that can be instantly shared without having to travel back and forth in order to retrieve documents and other files. An agent can just tap into a company’s database, download the information and present it to a client!

Cost-efficient Operating Solutions

Thanks to cloud technology, real estate companies are now benefiting from being able to reduce costs through the eliminating the need for servers at the workplace. Apart from cutting the actual servers costs, companies are also saving money from costs associated with the servers, such as for instance, extensive IT maintenance duties and services. With the cloud computing technology, business transactions in the real estate industry are being completed faster, more productively and more efficiently, while at the same time significantly reducing expenses and costs.

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