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Things to Consider Before Putting an Offer in on a House

By Violeta-Loredana Pascal | February 9, 2016

When buying a home, it seems like everywhere you look there are tips for home buyers. Some of these tips vary in what they focus on, and can delve anywhere from getting a mortgage to paying your loan off early. When you’re interested in buying a home, though, you need to be sure that you truly understand the home shopping process and things to consider before actually putting an offer down. After all, being even slightly educated can be the difference between getting a great home and getting a money pit.


Check out the following things to do before putting an offer in on a house.

Examine your budget.

It’s very important that you thoroughly examine your budget and have a firm idea of what you can afford. Not only should you consider how much loan you’re approved for, but you should also consider the monthly mortgage payments. You may be approved for a $500,000 loan, but that could mean a $3,000 monthly mortgage, which could make you uncomfortable.

You also need to consider certain factors. For example, when you use a mortgage calculator, they typically only provide the cost of paying back the mortgage and don’t include property taxes, escrow, mortgage insurance, and other factors that are rolled into your payment. You may assume you’re getting a $700 monthly payment, but it may expand to $1,700 when it’s all said and done.

Check the neighborhood.

If you’re unfamiliar with the neighborhood, do some thorough research. Check the school districts if you have children to ensure you’re moving into a neighborhood that offers good education. You should also check with neighbors and see how they like it. If you see a variety of for sale signs or notice that many people aren’t happy, you may want to reconsider your offer.

Know its purpose.

Some people buy a home as an investment, some buy it as a starter to live in for a few years, and some buy it as a permanent residence. Always know exactly what you want out of the house before buying. If you’re single but want to live there forever, consider if the home would be good for a growing family when the day comes. The more you understand the home’s purpose as well as your future, the better choice you can make in the long run.

Have it inspected.

If you are happy with the home and you’re considering an offer, have it inspected by professionals. You can use a general home inspection company, but they may not do a thorough inspection of certain items. For example, if you’re concerned about the home’s water, contact a plumber and have them do an inspection. This way, you can ensure that every area of the home that concerns you has been given the okay by a professional.

A home is an investment, so it’s extremely important to make the right choice. Use these guidelines before deciding to make an offer so you can be extremely sure this is the right home for you.

Violeta-Loredana Pascal is a business coach and mentor at her company - AdvanceNowBiz - with more than 15 years of business experience and a background in public relations, marketing and communication. She is passionate about reading, blogging and traveling – see Travel – Moments in Time and Earth's Attractions. Follow her on Twitter - @TravelMoments and @EarthAttract.
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