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Top 25 Home Warranty Companies

By Violeta-Loredana Pascal | July 15, 2019

If you want to prevent costly home and appliances repairs, then you should consider purchasing a home warranty. This means that you are covered if your AC, laundry machine or dryer malfunction. Yes, if you have a home warranty, the company's services will either replace or repair the malfunctioning equipment.

As for the price of such a service, depending on what you need (how many appliances or services), the plans vary between $20 to $60 per month.

We encourage you to read carefully what each company offers and what type of plan is best for you. Check to see what type of customer support they are offering, how easy are the claims approved, and, obviously, the coverage they offer as well as the fees involved for various situations. Let's see 25 of the best home warranty companies in the U.S.

1. Choice Home Warranty

With 24/7 service and covering almost everything in your house, Choice Home Warranty - “America's Choice in Home Warranty” as mentioned on their website, is one of the top home warranty companies in the U.S. The coverage starts at 30 days.

2. America’s 1st Choice Home Club

Another top home warranty company, America’s 1st Choice Home Club also offers 24/7 service calls. They have 4 plans available – you can ask a free quote online easily. Their message is clear – and concise: “Life happens. Be prepared.”

3. Select Home Warranty

With the message “Shield your wallet. Shield your home.”, numerous awards, comprehensive coverage, 24/7 service calls, free cancellation in the first 30 days, and several plans available it's no surprise that Select Home Warranty is one of the best US home warranty companies.

4. Liberty Home Guard

Their values are empathy, attentiveness, and integrity and they “offer a limited variety of straightforward and easy to understand options.”

They have three plans available with add-ons available to cover additional items, great online reviews and ratings so make sure you check their website and see if they have the right plan for your needs.

5. American Home Shield

American Home Shield has 1.8 million customers and offers System Plan covering components of plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and more, Appliance Plan (10 appliances included) or a mix of these plans in the Combo Plan (21 items covered). They cover 48 states.

6. First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty says they “protect your budget from unexpected, costly repairs.” There are two available plans – the Basic one covering essential appliances and the Premiere plan that also covers heaters, electrical, plumbing, and more.

They are a large and established company and they work with homeowners and real estate professionals. The basic plan is very affordable and comprehensive, so you should take this company into consideration when looking to buy a home warranty.

7. Advanced Home Warranty

With 24/7 claims hotline, free cancellation in the first 30 days and a rather extensive coverage in their plans, it's no surprise to see Advanced Home Warranty among the top 10 home warranty companies in the U.S.

There is a service call fee of $60 and if you want to cancel after the first month there is a $50 fee. Two plans are available – you have to click the “Click here” link at the bottom of their concise front page in order to see the details.

8. America’s Preferred Home Warranty

America’s Preferred Home Warranty prides itself in offering its clients control – the “Freedom to choose” their preferred licensed contractor.

It is a Christian-based company that offers five types of coverage depending on the type of house covered (new construction, condo, etc.) You can request a quote and see if they have the perfect plan for you.

9. Complete Appliance Protection

Complete Appliance Protection comes with an interesting approach: month-to-month contract options. There is no deductible on repairs, you get 24/7 support, and you can choose any licensed service company.

There is a 30-day waiting period before you are eligible to receive repairs, as in the case of many other home warranty companies.

10. The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club offers a Standard Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage with various extra items covered. Additional optional coverage such as sprinkler system, well pump, spa, pool coverage, etc. can be added to any plan, thus making their coverage very flexible and tailored to any needs. The company has plans for homeowners, buyers, and sellers, so you may want to check them out.

11. Home Warranty of America

Home Warranty of America has no age restrictions and no inspections required and offers plans for homeowners and real estate agents. The company has two available plans: Premier – covering plumbing system, washer, dryer, garage door, and more – and Premier Plus with 30 extra items covered.

12. Landmark Home Warranty

The company provides home warranties for residential properties in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah with plans to expand nationwide. Landmark Home Warranty works with homeowners, contractors, and real estate professionals. Get a free warranty quote from their website customizing your coverage to meet your needs.

13. Globe Home Protection

Globe Home Protection claims that they offer “most comprehensive protection plans” and that they have the “lowest service fee in the industry,” and 24/7 customer support.

They work with homeowners, real estate professionals, and vendors, and they have 3 available plans – the 4 star plan, the 5 star plan, and the Stellar Plan, with options available for all of them. You can compare the plans online and see if one of them it's a good fit for you.

14. American Residential Warranty

American Residential Warranty works with homeowners nationwide and has four plans available plus two bundle ones. They have a Heating and Cooling plan, the Kitchen Plus plan, the Platinum Plan, and the Platinum Premier Plan.

They also offer a 4-in-1 bundle plan and a 3-in-1 bundle, thus allowing each client to choose the best plan tailored to their needs.

15. BFS Home Warranty

The company has three plans available – Basic, Deluxe, and Premium – and works with realtors and homeowners. Among the strengths cited on BFS Home Warranty's site are no deductible options, emergency service available, and over 40 years of service innovation.

16. OneGuard Warranty + Service Plans

The company mentions, as strong points, fast response times, comprehensive home care coverage, and

high approval rate. OneGuard serves homeowners in Arizona, Texas, and Nevada and offers some maintenance services such as pest control, carpet cleaning, and more that aren't covered by many other companies. They have plans for homeowners, real estate professionals, home buyers and sellers.

17. Amazon Home Warranty

Amazon Home Warranty states on their official website that they have “the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the home warranty business” and over 50 years of collective industry experience.

They work with realtors, homeowners, buyers and sellers. The company offers an Essential Appliances Plan, a Major Systems Plan, and a Combo Plan.

18. Pride Home Warranty

Pride Home Warranty works with homeowners, contractors, real estate professionals, and buyers and sellers. They have a Major Systems Plan, a Platinum, and a Platinum Plus plan. With 24/7 claims service and affordable plans, you may want to check them out and see if they can provide you the right coverage for you.

19. Home Warranty Inc

Home Warranty Inc promises 24/7 live claim support, with live call answering during office hours, and fast payment post-repair. They have three plans available: an Appliance Protection Plan, a Supplemental Protection Plan, and, their most popular plan, the Home Protection Plan covering 20 mechanical systems and appliances. They also provide coverage for sellers.

20. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty offers, according to their website, “the most comprehensive coverage for systems and appliances, and an industry-leading, insurance-backed structural warranty for new construction.”

They have Systems & Appliances Service Agreements and Structural Warranties available and work with homeowners, builders, brokers/agents. They are in business since 1980 and offer coverage in more than 30 states.

21. HMS National

HMS National works with real estate professionals and homeowners. The warranties may differ depending on the state, so make sure you get a free quote from their site to get an exact price for your desired coverage. They offer 24/7 customer service.

22. American Home Guardian

Servicing homeowners in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Idaho, the company offers best HVAC coverage in the industry, with no limit on repairs or the number of units, according to their official website. American Home Guardian has a 4-business hour response time and they have two available plans: Value and Premier.

23. 365 Home Warranty

The company says that they “guarantee protection against expensive repairs, with exceptional customer service.” 365 Home Warranty has three available plans – the Basic one, offering coverage for 5 appliances, the Premium Plan – a complete appliance plan plus 2 major systems, and the Premium Plan, with coverage for major appliances and systems.

There are additional items you can get coverage for. The company works with homeowners and real estate pros and is present in many states.

24. HomeServe USA

The company is “an independent provider of home repair service solutions” with more than 3 million of clients in the U.S. And Canada. Their mission is “to free our customers from the worry and inconvenience of home emergency repairs.” HomeServe USA has plans covering plumbing, heating and cooling, and and electrical repair plan.

25. Total Home Protection

Total Home Protection offers two plans – Gold and Platinum – and invites you to “protect your investment.” They also have the “Platinum Plus” option, where you can pay extra for some additional upgrades. As the location influences the final price of the homw warranty, they invite you to get a free quote.

Remember that, in order to choose the best home warranty company for you, you should first get clear on what you want such a warranty to cover. Then, you should see what top companies are offering home warranty plans in your city and area. Make sure you check their available plans, read online reviews, and get quotes. After that, you should compare offers and, based on everything else you've learned – online, from reviews, or from friends, family and neighbors – and make your final decision.

Violeta-Loredana Pascal is a business coach and mentor at her company - AdvanceNowBiz - with more than 15 years of business experience and a background in public relations, marketing and communication. She is passionate about reading, blogging and traveling – see Travel – Moments in Time and Earth's Attractions. Follow her on Twitter - @TravelMoments and @EarthAttract.
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  • 2 comments on “Top 25 Home Warranty Companies”

    1. You have to be kidding me making Choice Home Warranty No. 1 !!! VIOLETA-LOREDANA PASCAL you must be seriously inept or have been given a tidy sum by Choice Home Warranty to place them where you did.
      Ms. Violeta Pascal. . . click on the tab below and see just how Choice Home Warranty takes payment but has a highly trained staff at covering ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is experience speaking by the way. Also If you check another complaints thread at the web site attached. You'll find the contractors they hire have been summarily cheated as well.

      1. Hi Dave, Thank you for your reply. When making these recommendations, I looked at Yelp and many other review sites (some specially created for home warranty companies). The article took into consideration both reviews and offers and, frankly, you'll see this company wither number one or in top 3 on many other sites and tops. I would appreciate you keeping a polite conversation here. I can assure you I got no money from any company to include them in one position in the top or another. There's definitely no perfect company!

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