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Things to do in Southern Florida

Florida is a favorite vacation spot for people all over the world and if you have been there, you will find it’s not hard to see why. If you are thinking of visiting Florida then you should look into the different activities on offer in Southern Florida or maybe even check out these nice neighborhoods in southern Florida if you are looking for a more permanent change of scenery. 

Welcome to Florida USA
  • Coral Reef State Park

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is one of the most beautiful parks in South Florida and it ranked as one of the most exciting snorkeling spots in all of Florida. 178 squares miles lined with vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish and coral formations. It is also the only living reef in the United States. Discover their vast array of underwater marine life, including turtles!

  • Everglades National Park

Take a trip to Everglades National Park to see some of the states most diverse wildlife in their natural habitat. You can take an exciting airboat ride through the swampy grasslands but watch out for alligators!

  • Ernest Hemingway House

Come and see the six-toed cats at Ernest Hemingway House! Ernest Hemingway spent most of his time in Key West from 1931 to 1961, in this beautiful Spanish Colonial home. History enthusiasts can explore the residence and hear captivating stories of his life, get involved in a unique piece of the city’s history. And if you are lucky, you can also get up close and personal with the 40 six-toed cats that are said to be descendants of Hemingway’s former pet, Snow White.

  • South Beach

The most famous beach in Florida and a perfect place to spot celebrities. The sidewalk cafes, boutique shops and late-night lounges make this a boujee place to spend the day or take part in some of the water sports available at the beach.

  • Dry Tortugas National Park

A stunning natural wonder, you can spend a whole day snorkeling, diving, kayaking or birdwatching at Dry Tortugas National Park. The crystal-clear water means it is a perfect place to spot exotic marine life like tropical fish or sea turtles. 

  • Venetian Pool

Swimming is a common pastime in Florida but for a unique spot to take a dip, check out the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables – America’s largest freshwater swimming pool. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This old rock quarry has a beautiful waterfall and grotto filled with fresh water pumped in daily from artesian wells.

  • Lion Country Safari

Get up close and personal with the wildlife at Lion Country Safari, just 30 minutes outside of West Palm Beach. It is the only drive-through safari in Florida and has more than 900 animals roaming through the grounds. The Loxahatchee property also offers feeding experiences and up-close animal encounters.

  • Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

If you are looking for a culturally rich attraction - Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach takes inspiration from authentic Japanese gardens. You can find beautifully manicured gardens and a zen-like atmosphere amongst these serene landscapes.

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