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Tips for Creating Real Estate Videos That Drive Sales

By Al Twitty | December 6, 2021

If you want to boost sales in real estate and draw more attention to your listings or professional profile, publishing a high-quality video online can be a thing. According to Statista, around 93% of home buyers used online websites when searching for homes in the US. And, after the pandemic outbreak, the realtors have realized that developing their online presence may be a great chance to boost sales in real estate. 

And that’s where creating the real estate video content comes into play: it becomes easier to introduce the video collage of properties for sale, show your expertise in this scope and boost the trust of your potential clients. In this article, we’ll uncover the most effective guide for making real estate videos that can make you stand out from the competition!

Let’s get this started!

Making the Real Estate Video that Sells: A Complete Guide

As you might already guess, it’s not enough to just make the video and post it to your profile, website, or wherever you need it. More important is to make a video that engages your target audience and, of course, sells your services!

For this purpose, we’ve created step-by-step instructions that will help you to make high-quality, impressive, and informative real estate videos that work!

Start With the Story

Whatever sort of real estate videos you’re going to make, always start the new video created by writing an overall script for your upcoming content. This can include the list of points you’re going to uncover in each shot, the topics you want to discuss, or even the properties you are to mention during the shooting process. 

This trick will help you organize the process and make sure none of the essential things is missed there. Additionally, you’ll save up the time for the additional material shooting and editing in case you haven’t covered something in your video materials. 

You can also make a video collage of all the rooms in the property you are selling, highlighting the benefits of each of them.

The storytelling tip will greatly benefit the audience engagement, as you’ll make the video more informative and persuasive for your potential clients.

Choose the Right Equipment

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should invest all your money into the cameras, lenses, camera stands, and software. But, paying attention to the quality of your clips may impact the overall quality of your videos. 

So, if you want high-definition real estate videos, you should learn your camera capacities and figure out how you can make use of them. Basically, your camera or smartphone can be a perfect anchor point to start developing your video-making skills. With the times, you might also need the camera stand for shooting static clips, an extra battery for the camera (to ensure it won't turn off in the middle of the shooting process and lightning equipment to create the content anytime. 

Get Your Footages Organized

Another rule that only a minority of real estate agents follow is proper file storage. If you have all your materials sorted and categorized, it becomes much easier to find the materials in the process of editing. Additionally, you can compare similar clips or photos and pick up the best shots for your videos. 

Furthermore, organizing your files can significantly boost the time needed to finish your editing, which is certainly a must for real estate agents: time is of the essence. 

Choose the Best Editor and Add Some Visual Effects & Sounds 

Next, it’s time to pick up the video editing software you can easily work with. For instance, the good options to try are Magisto, VideoStudio Ultimate 2021, PowerDirector, and more. The core idea of any video editor is to provide you with effective tools for content making within a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface. 

When the actual editing process starts: the clips are cut, sized, and put in the right order, it’s time to make your real estate video catching and unique with the help of visuals and sounds. For instance, you can add background music or set special filters on your video. To enhance the video, it’s also nice to add subtitles or short comments related to the content you’ve introduced on the screen. This trick allows you to highlight the most important insights of your video or provide additional information about the property introduced.

Promote It on Different Social Platforms

After you’ve finished working on the excellent video for your real estate blog or site, it’s time to make it live! Make sure to export the finalized content with the right file format and share your video on different media sources. This method allows for enlarging your audience and driving more traffic to your site or profile. 

Keep your real estate strategy effective and simple!

Types of Real Estate Videos to Consider

Knowing the basics of video editing is not the only thing you need for creating unique content as a real estate agent. To make the video work, it’s also critical to diversify your content by combining a variety of topics in your videos. For instance, you can make use of: 

  • Realtor Profile Videos. This type can assist in introducing yourself to the audience and offering your services as a realtor. Thus, the new visitors can find out who you are, uncover more details about your practical experience and which pains you can solve. 
  • Property Video Tours. These videos are rather commercial than informative, so their core idea is to introduce the property for sale, show its strong sides and specific features, as well as provide a clear idea of what purposes it can be used for.  
  • Real Estate Drone Tours. To make your videos even more majestic and catching, you can also try shooting the properties for sale from different angles. For example, a drone can be a great option for capturing the properties like a professional real estate agent. By making some juicy clips from different angles, you can make your potential buyers fight for each offer you introduce, literally. 
  • Social Media Videos. At present, developing an online presence is a must to keep in touch with the audience and show your proficiency as a realtor. By making the specific videos for social media and developing your audience interaction there, you can get an additional source of clients and make more people find you when they need any services related to the real estate industry. 
  • FAQ Videos. To better interact with your audiences, it’s also important to create informative videos with answers to common questions from your followers and clients. This will not only show your expertise as a realtor but also make the relationship with your audience more interactive and live. 
  • Recruiting Videos. If you are doing a real estate business and are currently looking for the best candidates, you can make use of video content too! Videos can introduce the basic requirements and provide the main benefits of why your agency is the most beneficial option they should apply for. 


To sum up, now you’ve figured out what makes for ideal real estate videos, as well as which types of videos to focus on. No matter whether you make real estate videos or informative realtor videos for social media, the basic information introduced here will certainly help you to succeed. 

Already have some ideas for your upcoming content? Then, it’s time to start your practice right now!

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