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Tips To Inspect A Property Before Purchasing

By Al Twitty | May 30, 2019

Purchasing a home is always going to be one of your major investments. At least once in your lifetime, you will have to go through the process of buying real estate. The price of real estate property is continuously on the rise, as it already carries with it quite a hefty price tag. Hence, as you are choosing one, you have to make a well-informed decision for the best choice possible. As you start your quest for your next home, here are some tips to guide you in the process of doing so:

1. Start your search for the property at least six months ahead.

Many homes are available for sale, and you want to be able to narrow down all your possible options. It isn’t practical at all for you to go on the last minute and inspect the only available properties left. Mind you, you might only end up being more stressed out. You never really know what to expect from a property before you inspect it, and after doing so, you might only end up disappointed when not a single property is to your liking at all.

To avoid this situation, give yourself at least six to seven months to start your search before you begin the house inspection process so that you have at least three to five options of homes to choose from. If, during the inspection, all these options don’t meet your standards, you still have enough time to select another one instead.

You can also browse online for homes that you might be interested in buying, particularly in online marketplaces that provide property listings. However, be sure to read reviews about the online marketplace you’re looking at to know if it’s the right place to search for the kind of home you’re eyeing to buy.

2. Take time to inspect the legal documents of the property.

House inspection doesn’t only mean inspecting the physical aspect of the house. It will also mean taking the necessary time to examine the legal documents of the property. No matter how attractive a particular home may be for you, if it lacks any of the essential documents, then you should move forward to inspecting and investing in another property instead. Any lacking legal document or any defective aspect of the legality to sell and own a particular property will only cause you a great deal of money and stress later on, where you might even end up regretting your purchase.

Examples of legal documents that you must first comply with include:

  • That there are no liens and encumbrances attached to the property
  • That the title deed is complete, clean, and can have a smooth transfer of ownership process
  • That the taxes of the property have been paid for, or that there are no delinquencies in it

3. Take the time, too, to find the right real estate agent for you.

What exactly does the right real estate agent mean? This standard is highly subjective, but as the client or the homebuyer, you’re the best person to tell if the real estate agent you’re working with is a match for you. Finding the right agent is one of the most crucial steps in making sure that you can thoroughly inspect the home that you are looking to purchase. Why? The right agent will be able to walk you through the process of finding a home that is perfect for you, and they can also give you all the explanation you need to understand what has to be done during the process of selecting a property.

Even more importantly, the right agent can help you find the dirty little secrets that a particular home that you are looking at may be hiding. Every nook and cranny is checked, as well as every possible little detail that might make your house purchase turn into a lemon.

4. Allow yourself to inspect the home at least two to three times.

Third time’s the charm and, indeed, there is truth to this saying. When you are choosing among various homes to buy, allow yourself to inspect the home for at least two to three times. During your first inspection, there may be some aspects you have overlooked while you are in the house, which you might only remember later on when you get home.

Most home buying contracts allow you to sign a contingency contract, whereby you have the right to inspect the house thoroughly before your purchase, and any fault that you may find gives you the right to cancel the contract. Take advantage of this by taking the time to do at least two inspections to ensure that you haven’t missed out on any important details at all.


Buying a house takes a lot of time and effort, especially during the research process. However, as tedious and challenging as it may seem, when you finally have that dream house in your name and start living in it, you will get to feel that all the effort you’ve put into finding one is worth it. With this list of pointers to guide you, you can be better assured that the property you are looking to buy is genuinely the best choice possible.

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