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Top 10 hottest US real estate zip codes

By Violeta-Loredana Pascal | August 25, 2015

The real estate landscape changes in time and, according to the recently launched by "Top 10 ZIP Codes in America", the hottest place(s) might surprise you. It’s Melrose, the one in Massachusetts (02176), not the one in Hollywood.

Melrose Public Library, MA

Melrose Public Library, MA

Photo by John Phelan on Wikipedia

Now, I say this might surprise you, not that it will actually do so. Why? Very simple. It’s only natural that things change in time – including hot cities or places. I saw the same thing where I live – for years an area was considered to be the best, a rising star at first, then with everyone wanting a house there and now, guess what: other places are on the rise, hot. I had no idea that, when I decide to buy the land to built my house, I’ll be choosing the next big thing in real estate terms, but I did and the city where I live now is on the wave, with many-many important people moving here. And yes, it’s logical that after a while, other places will be hot, and so on and so forth.

The real estate website took in consideration for this top the listing views on (to assess demand) and the median age of inventory (to assess supply). The website noticed that the these hot zip codes in the USA have several important things in common: „healthy local economics, job opportunities, and affordability,” as Jonathan Smoke, chief economist of® said. “For first-time home buyers, these communities provide great opportunities to enter the housing market, build a career, and raise a family; older generations are able to build wealth and enjoy a variety of lifestyles.”

What’s interesting about these top codes is that people here seem to be a little richer than those in metropolitan surrounding areas. For instance, as discovered by, „The median household income among the top 10 is $71,000, 20% higher than their surrounding metropolitan areas and 32% higher than the national average of $54,000. Moreover, 32% of those households earn $100,000 or more, 22% higher than their respective markets and one-third higher than the national average of 23%. In addition, unemployment rates in these metros have dropped five times faster than in other metros in the country in just the past year.”

Another important aspect: the connections with millenials. Regardless of the field you are working in, you definitely saw at least one article mentioning millenials and their importance. Yes, they are important now and marketers are doing their best to target them and make them buy and become fans of one brand or another. Millenials are important for the real estate segment as well, and these zip codes could lure them into buying a house here.

The hottest zip codes in America are:

  1. 02176 – Melrose, MA – close to Boston and Cambridge and offering some important features (good public transportation, attractive downtown area.)
  2. 43085 – Worthington, OH - apparently a major relocation market.
  3. 80122 – Centennial, CO – apparently a hot place indeed, as discovered that „homes here sell faster than anywhere else in the nation, spending approximately two weeks on the market.”
  4. 75023 – Plano, TX - a suburb of Dallas home to many headquarters of important companies.
  5. 48375 – Novi, MI – a good location that provides easy access to highways. In addition to that, „unemployment here is 57% lower than in the rest of the metro area.”
  6. 78247 – San Antonio, TX – a place with an important military connection; a place where „the population has grown 7% in the past five years, twice as fast as the rest of the country.”
  7. 63126 – Crestwood, MO – this suburb of St. Louis has as key elements affordable homes and good-quality schools.
  8. 78729 – Austin, TX – a place with homes at an affordable price, perfect for those interested in buying their first house.
  9. 58103 – Fargo, ND – „ranked as the fourth fastest-growing metropolitan area by the U.S. Census Bureau, Fargo” is also the place with the lowest unemployment rate in the US.
  10. 92010 – Carlsbad, CA – this part offers accessible multifamily units in the pricey California area.
Violeta-Loredana Pascal is a business coach and mentor at her company - AdvanceNowBiz - with more than 15 years of business experience and a background in public relations, marketing and communication. She is passionate about reading, blogging and traveling – see Travel – Moments in Time and Earth's Attractions. Follow her on Twitter - @TravelMoments and @EarthAttract.
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