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Top Five Tips on How to Choose a Good Moving Company

By Mike Wheatley | October 1, 2018

It is always a challenge to relocate to a new place of living, but it is possible to make moving smooth and well-organized if you hire professional movers. Of course, only an expert in this sphere can give useful tips on choosing a decent moving company. Look through the pieces of advice given by Anton Galushko, CEO of California Movers.

“Some people do not believe that moving to another city or state can be free of stresses and negative consequences. It is natural that moving is associated with losses, damages, thefts, and forgotten items, but not everyone realizes why it happens,” said Galushko. “There are two reasons for that: people try to cope with moving themselves or make a wrong choice of the assistance. A professional moving company offers much more than you could expect, so it is enough to make the right choice of the movers.”

What differs a full-service and trustworthy moving company from others? In fact, according to the experts from California Movers, there are several things to consider before you make your final decision.

Pay attention to the insurance

Unfortunately, not all moving companies guarantee the insurance of the cargo they transport. However, its absence can lead to very upsetting consequences. Insurance is a document that confirms the value of each item of your belongings packed for moving. Even if any of the things was not delivered in a perfect state, insurance will cover its cost.

The main things to consider looking through the document offered is the way how your cargo will be insured.

Many companies are afraid of taking responsibility for broken things and provide insurance by weight. However, it is done to decrease the cost of the insured cargo to the minimum. Cincinnati Movers, as well as other reliable moving companies, offers insurance of every item included in the checklist. It is a guarantee that all belongings will be delivered to the new destination and the cost of the insured cargo will go up to dozens more.

2. Ensure that the mover follows the timeframes indicated in the contract

Would you like to increase your relocation process to several days or even weeks? Naturally, every person wishes to have his or her items delivered on time and continue using them as it was before. However, some movers can prolong relocation time for several days or even weeks finding new excuses each time. That is why you should clearly indicate the date in the contract by which all the cargo must arrive at the final destination. Moreover, there should be also information what punishment the company will have for violations of the contract. For example, California Movers would pay $1 to the customer for every minute of being late.

3. Learn more about company employees

Movers are not a very prestigious job, so there is a constant flow of employees in the companies that do not pay enough. It makes recruiters turn a blind eye on the job applicant’s experience, skills and possibility to complete professional training. Try to avoid such firms and Find A Long Distance Moving Company that hires only reliable people, who have gone through the preliminary preparation course and visit regular training to grow professionally. The choice of the right person is a guarantee that your cargo will be packed, loaded and transported carefully, while you will be treated in a polite and friendly manner.

4. Hidden costs
You will agree how disappointing it is to pay money for the list of services and then be demanded to add more for some services you were not aware of. Some movers try to earn more including hidden costs to the contract. For example, you can be charged additionally for a necessity to carry boxes upstairs because of the absence of an elevator or for a truck return from the final destination. Always read a contract attentively and never be afraid to ask questions!

5. Check the list of services included

Nobody wishes to overpay as moving is always connected with extra expenses. If you turn to a full-service moving company but want to save too, you can refuse from some services included. It is important to check their list and analyze if everything mentioned there is a necessity.

“Even a call or visit of the moving company office and a talk with its representative can shed light on its reputation and services, so do not neglect a chance to compare several companies before ordering a checklist or signing a contract,” said Galushko.

California Movers has gained trust and recognition of many clients and earned the reputation of being one of the leading moving companies in California. It offers both local and long-distance moving services for residents and offices. You can learn more about the moving company at, or call (415) 579-2747.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
  • One comment on “Top Five Tips on How to Choose a Good Moving Company”

    1. I like that you suggested analyzing the list of the services that a moving company offers to make sure that you'll be aware if there are services that you'd like to refuse. This is something that I will make sure to remember because I'm planning to hire a long distance moving company. What I want is to make sure that the long distance moving company that I will hire offers packing services that won't charge me for too much, so I'll consider all your tips.

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