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TruSense Announces Integrated Smart Home Technology for Seniors

In a press release, TruSense announced that it is now offering sensor technology to help identify the way a person lives for example how often they get out of the house, how long they spent sleeping or in the kitchen. If this pattern changes then it notices and updates the user and the circle of people they’ve chosen through custom notifications.

This technology can even notify an emergency monitoring center through being integrated with Amazon Echo. With this system, adult children can keep an eye on seniors and other loved ones without interfering too much in their everyday life. The level of assurance provided means older adults can remain in their own homes for longer. This ability to remain at home for longer is very valuable, not to mention cost-effective as assisted living costs can be as much as $6000 per month in some states. In comparison, this equipment costs just $199 and has a $49 monthly subscription. At the moment, it’s the only consumer price product of its kind and contrasts sharply with other outdated senior products. With this product, seniors don’t need to move out of their home or remember to wear or charge a device. Instead, they can remain in their own home, retaining their dignity and independence.

As well as bringing peace of mind to loved ones, this technology helps to relieve the burden of caregiving. According to the press release, a recent survey showed 40% of caregivers reported a very high burden on their lives. Additionally, there is a shortage of in-family caregivers and professional caregivers. With TruSense smart technology, caregivers can gain valuable information about their loved one’s health and wellness without being physically there. As well as monitoring daily activity, the technology can also report how long caregivers and other visitors spend in the home while monitoring the home for its temperature and for any dangerous water leaks.

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