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Villas VS Apartment-Living in Sharjah: Here’s How to Choose!

If you’re looking to move into Sharjah’s booming real estate environment, one of the biggest questions you may be asking yourself is whether you should opt for a villa or an apartment. This really depends on the style of living you’re looking for and your budget. Get to know a bit about what each offers to help narrow down your choice. 

Villas VS Apartments

Apartments are usually designed for small families. They feature, on average, two-bedrooms and many communal amenities like shared spaces and access to nearby establishments. Apartments are generally less expensive and draw in young families, roommates, and single residents. They are an easy alternative to larger properties, which require more maintenance and can be rented or purchased. 

Villas, on the other hand, are often sought after by established families that require more bedrooms, at least four. They offer more privacy and are designed for buyers. You have to keep in mind that villas are more expensive, but their amenities are built taking into consideration the needs of larger families like maid lodgings, private courtyards, gardens, and guest facilities. 

Where villas offer more living and entertaining space, apartments offer less space, but more community-based amenities. 

Apartments in Sharjah Should Have These Amenities 

If you are moving to Sharjah and going with an apartment, make your choice worthwhile. Choose apartment communities with the right amenities. 

Look for apartment buildings and complexes that are built with natural lighting in mind. Complexes like The Boulevard and Rehan are built with floor-to-ceiling-windows, which allow you to save some money on your electricity bill each month by making the most of natural lighting.

Another great feature about apartment-living is having an active community to entertain yourself with. Shops, eateries, and places to run errands should be nearby. Arada’s Aljada complex provides this; it’s essentially a self-sustained city within a city. 

For students, specifically, it’s important to be near educational hubs and live in an interactive environment. Revolutionary-styled living facilities like The Nest offers gyms, community lounge rooms and halls, access to swimming pools, study rooms, and sports facilities. 

Most importantly, look for places the offer on-site maintenance, parking facilities, communal outdoor living spaces, campus maintenance, and laundry facilities. You’ll be opting for luxury living without the need to manage it yourself. 

Apartments vary, so it’s easier to find a place that ticks off the boxes for everything you need, as each complex is built with a specific audience in mind. For example, ask yourself, “Is the facility aimed at small families, students, single people?” or “Is it located near the bustling side of town or the calmer end?” 

What Villas Should Include

Alternatively, if you opt for a villa, then make sure it’s upgrading some of your expectations. Look for luxury fixtures, appliances, spacious bedrooms – at least four, and a large kitchen with lots of entertaining spaces. 

A detached villa can offer you more privacy. But semi-detached villas are something of a medium ground between apartment-living and villas. 

You’ll be most likely owning a villa, so you’re responsible for maintenance and adhering to community guidelines. Larger villas offer additional living and entertaining spaces like a majlis area, staff living quarters, storage and cloakrooms.

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