Virtual home staging helps shift vacant properties

Help is on hand for anyone trying to sell or rent a vacant property, thanks to Virtual Staging by Ilaria Baron.

This innovative new service offers clients worldwide the chance to benefit from Ilaria’s experience, and prices start from as little as $49 per room.  Ilaria has staged more than $300 million dollars of real estate, and knows exactly which decor will help a space appeal to house hunters. Her virtual service enables her to turn a bland picture of an empty room into an enticing space using computer generated furnishings.


Virtual staging makes homes more attractive

Virtual staging makes homes more attractive. Courtesy of NY Times

Ilaria says “A vacant property poses serious problems for those seeking to sell fast, and for the best possible price. Why? Because only a fraction of home buyers are able to appreciate the true size of an empty space-much less envision what to do with it.”

She feels this is even more important when people are viewing a property online, and compares the process to online dating, as if the photos aren’t attractive there is likely to be very little interest. Ilaria thinks staging a vacant property is “a must,” and is thrilled that her services are now available online to everyone.

Ilaria originally worked in New York City, and had an inventory of over 900 furnishings and accessories. Now her virtual supply is almost limitless, as is her capacity to help clients anywhere in the world. A number of real estate firms have already recognized the importance of virtual staging.

Virtual staging examples

Virtual staging examples. Courtesy of Obeo

She has been selected as the virtual staging provider for New York based firm The Corcoran Group, who have 42 offices and more than 2,200 agents in the city, as well as working for a number of other well-known firms throughout the US, including Sotheby’s International and Coldwell Banker. Ilaria is originally from Milan, Italy, and is an accredited Professional Stager as well as a published author.

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