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5 Wall Art Home Decor Trends of 2021

Wall art is one of the top interior design trends of the year, likely to remain trendy in 2022, especially when the approach is modular and flexible. While accent walls are out of fashion, wallpapers make a strong comeback, murals are creative and fun, and green walls are a nod to the environment while adding the soothing nature’s touch to your interiors.

5 Creative Wall Art Home Decor Ideas for 2021-2022

1. Face Line Art

Face line art is the creation of abstract facial expressions with the continuous line drawing technique. It’s a minimalistic approach to design with an impactful visual aesthetic. You can trace face line art designs straight on your wall, or order wallpapers, posters, paintings on canvas, or even metallic wall art to adorn your interiors.

Mono face line art is a popular trend in wall art home decor this year.

2. Wall Murals

A popular interior design trend decades ago, murals made a strong comeback fueled by the street art movement that adorns exterior facades with jaw-dropping artworks.  

There are several types of murals you can use to make a strong impression. Choose whatever feels the most comfortable for your skills and practical for your home. 

  • For example, paint straight on the wall if you are an artist with experience in working on this medium. 
  • Paint on stretched canvas, but remember that this approach may turn pricey depending on the size of your wall, and the quality of paint materials (either acrylics or oil) used to realize the artwork.
  • If you’re a hunter, you can buy bear skulls taxidermy mounts and hang it on your wall.
Indoor murals are modern and creative.

3. Photo Wallpaper

Photo wallpapers are still impactful elements of the interior design provided that you choose something fashionable this year. Browse Etsy for inspiration. You will notice that watercolors, landscapes, jungle elements, oversized flowers, 3D elements, and graffiti art are among the most popular motifs. Alternatively, you can create a custom wallpaper using your photography or art. Some sites offering custom photo wallpaper include Murals Your Way, PhotowallWallsauce, and Etsy, of course.

The photo wallpaper you choose must fit the purpose of your room.

Photo wallpapers should complement the design of your room, creating balance and harmony. Ideally, you should place a photo wallpaper on just one wall to act like an accent rather than two or more walls. 

Another trend in photo wallpaper is the collage, which uses multiple images for a bolder statement. See this example from Bags of Love to get an idea. 

4. Art or Photo Collage

To make a bold design statement you could transform one of the walls of your home into a display for art or photography. You can either frame each picture individually, or create a custom collage photo wallpaper as described above. Creativity will transform wall decor with collage into the highlight of your home.

Use just one wall to display an art or photo collage that will woo your guests.

5. Green Walls

Vertical gardens are no longer exclusively an outdoors trend. Now you can create green walls indoors too. Moss wall art is easy to find and requires little care. But if you want a veritable indoor vertical garden for your green wall, here are a few things you must consider:

  • Vertical gardens need sturdy support. Special planters are available online on Amazon or other retailers.
  • You must protect your wall against moisture – eventually with plywood or other materials.
  • You must protect your floors against dirt and moisture too, with special mats. 
  • If your green wall doesn’t get sufficient sunlight, you must supplement it with grow lights or fluorescent tubes.
  • Only a few plants are suitable for green walls: philodendrons, orchids, ferns, succulents, herbs are among them. 

Green walls will likely remain a trend in interior design way past 2021-2022 because they bring a few benefits when done right:

  • Excellent use of space for growing herbs.
  • Air-purifying properties especially with plants like philodendrons to clean formaldehyde from the air. 
  • Insulate walls against noise and cold.

In addition, vertical gardens bring a plus of aesthetic to every interior, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere at the same time.

Herbs are excellent for a wall garden.
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