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What are the Latest Trends in Residential Security?

By Al Twitty | February 16, 2022

Security is a concern for all homeowners and is especially relevant for those with property portfolios to take care of and to keep tenants happy and safe.

As such, it’s wise to stay abreast of the latest residential security trends so that you know what tech is out there. You could even find the solutions that you need to solve your own residential security problems right now.

Discrete devices for access and surveillance

One of the downsides of traditional security hardware has been its lack of aesthetic appeal. In the past, some people have been put off improving their protection because the devices needed are a bit of an eyesore.

Thankfully manufacturers are finally learning that they can connect with more customers if their products look good, especially if they are made to fit in with contemporary architectural and interior design trends.

From sleek access control for your properties to stylish surveillance systems which look cutting edge and advanced without offending the tastes of modern buyers, there are a lot of options out there right now.

Artificial intelligence for improved accuracy

The role of AI in all sorts of industries and contexts is increasing by the year, and for residential security one of the main applications of this tech is to make systems more accurate.

It’s not just about ensuring that intruders and suspicious activity can be more readily recognized, but that false alarms are also sidestepped to save property owners time and stress.

AI additionally reduces the burden placed on human security and Fire Watch Security personnel, which is obviously relevant in large residential complexes more so than in a single-family home setting.

Ultrasound for detecting occupancy

There are a few ways to work out whether or not a given space is occupied by a human, and one of the most recent breakthroughs in this arena comes in the form of ultrasound.

Amazon is spearheading this with its latest-gen Echo smart speakers, meaning that these devices can check to see whether there are people present in a room without falling back on things like IR sensors.

Security is clearly a primary function of ultrasound occupancy detection, but there are other advantages as well.

For example, a system that is able to know where people are in a property can use this to automate things like lighting and heating, making residences more energy-efficient and convenient.

Innate integration for wider adoption

Rather than seeing advanced residential security solutions as a nice-to-have but not strictly essential feature of modern homes, building firms are now recognizing the need to integrate these as a basic feature.

This applies to all sorts of established tech, such as the aforementioned smart occupancy monitoring to the intelligent door and window locking systems which can manage access without the downsides of the outdated solutions they replace.

Obviously, this requires builders to work alongside the brands that are represented in the residential security market, and this could be a more significant deciding factor in the fate of these companies going forward than the simple process of winning over consumers and encouraging them to carry out their own upgrades.

Cloud computing for cost-effectiveness and scalability

Finally, there’s no questioning the impressive impact that the cloud is having on residential security. On-site devices are supplemented by remote data centers that can provide the computational power for some of the AI features covered earlier.

The cloud also offers up excellent scalability in terms of storage for home security footage recording and playback, as well as for broader surveillance and monitoring, whether done automatically or with the assistance of a human.

These home security system trends will shape residential security for many years to come, and no doubt other technologies will emerge to shake things up further.

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