What to Do When You Smell Gas in Your House

You walk into your home and smell a distinct gas-like odor. What do you do? The following information will direct you in the correct steps to take to ensure the safety of your family and home in the event of a possible gas leak.

Immediately Evacuate

If you smell a gas odor, your first step should be to evacuate the premises immediately and call your local propane provider, fire department, or 911.  If you don’t smell a gas-like odor, but notice damaged connections of a gas appliance or hear a hissing sound of gas escaping, you should also evacuate, as these are also signs of a potential gas leak.

Avoid Flames

It is important that no flames or sparks are near the area of the leak, as this can cause a fire or explosion. Ensure that all smoking materials and any open flames are immediately put out to avoid the ignition of gas.

Shut Off The Gas

If you feel it’s safe to access the main gas supply valve, it is important that the valve is closed as soon as possible. Ensure the valve is closed by turning it clockwise.

Report The Leak

After you have exited the building, the next step should be to report the leak by calling 911. While waiting for safety responders you should continue to maintain a safe distance away from the area until it has been deemed safe to return back inside.


Once your property has been deemed safe, you should avoid further use of propane appliances until they have been inspected. Your entire system and all related appliances should be checked by your propane provider or qualified service technician to ensure the entire system is safe and leak-free.

How to Avoid a Gas Leak

Inspecting the vents of your appliances for obstructions such as nests, snow, or ice is crucial to ensure that gas is able to flow freely to the outdoors. You should always be careful when moving appliances to avoid damaging the gas connector. It is also important to inspect old gas connectors to ensure they have not cracked. While regularly inspecting your appliances, if you notice yellow flames or significant amounts of soot on appliances, you should arrange for services right away. These are signs that your gas is not burning completely. This can create carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless toxic gas that can cause poisoning and death.
If you believe you have a current gas leak or are interested in having your appliances serviced to ensure proper safety, search for “propane gas companies near me” to find a supplier for further assistance.

Photo by KWON JUNHO on Unsplash