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What You Need to Know before Buying Land

By Al Twitty | November 14, 2019

Perhaps it is your first time to plan to purchase a plot of land. But before you get down to it. You will need to deal with the complicated process of attaining the right plot you’d like to pick.

Buying a land requires the effort, passion, and your time. Although it is generally simpler than purchasing a property, there are few things to consider before proceeding with your plan. So, what do i need to know before buying land? Here are the things.

What’s your reason to buy land?

Perhaps you’d like to treat your land as an asset which is much better than stocks or shares. As we know, as long as pick a strategic land, the price will normally rise as the time goes by. Or perhaps, you’d like to build your vacation home on it. But if you have a small capital to start with, you might want to become one of the right holders. There are many different scenarios which lead you to own the land. You will want to decide it by yourself first about what you really want and what’s your goal with this investment. When you find your own reason, you will then know the answer about is it a good idea to buy land.

There are different types of land on the market

You will want to get familiarized with these types of land on the market before continuing your plan. But the main types of land you can find are three: residential, commercial, and industrial land.

Residential land is probably what you’ve expected as private housing. The residential land can be a standalone accommodation for a single family or complex to cater to multiple families. In this case, you are investing the land for building your own property for you and your family, as well as relatives. The residential property development can also include other forms such as apartment, vacation home, villa, condominium, etc. Keep in mind that each area has its own law. You will want to consult this with your real estate agent.

Meanwhile, the commercial land is the right term to describe your desire in building commercial properties like office buildings, malls, public swimming pools, food centers, modern market, parking lots, karaoke, hotels, etc.

The commercial land is an appropriate aspect if you have no other interest than establishing your business in the area.

The Industrial Land, last but not least, is as the name suggests. If you are planning to conduct your manufacturing or production and require ample space for it, then industrial land is the type of land you will need to pick.

You will want to get familiar with those terms before proceeding to pick a land for your purpose.

Do your homework - Research

Buying land involves the big spending. Therefore, if you don’t want to end up in a bad position, you will want to make an informative decision about it. Market has its own kind of spectrum. the price can vary from one location to another. You will want to locate the most prospective area for your goals and decide which one is reasonable enough to spend your money with.

When you seek in your favorite search engine, you will realize that there are a lot of lands which are available on the market. although not all of them are publicly advertised, you can find them out in several land seeker websites. But your best bet is to work with a specialist land agent who specialize in the area, city, or the country you are targeting or with the biggest market place as Consorto. They have big networks of land and property niches so that they will come up with the quick information that you can use. Or, you can fetch your prospective lands from land auctions sites.

Location, location, location

Perhaps you have heard or seen this catchy phrase somewhere in the movie, ads, Tv series, or anywhere else. The price and value of a land can mostly depend on the location. You will want to meticulously check on the location of the land you are scouting. Does the location give many benefits and perks that you can enjoy? Spend time to do your research on the area. Learn about the culture, local infrastructure plan, geographical condition, weather, climate, political issues, or any other aspects which you can link to this factor.


You might have been wondering how much is it to buy a plot of land. Although the prices can vary from one area to another, we could inform you the best estimation. The cost of a plot of land could cost on average $3000 per acre. But if you plan to purchase land to build something, you better need to provide larger capital for the down payment and the costs of the projects.

Get your surveyor

You will want to make sure that the land is worth to invest. So before proceeding the land purchases, the professional advice is something you need to know.

The new survey should be conducted on the vacant land you’re about to pick. Perhaps you have fetched the information based on older survey from other surveyor. But things change from time to time. You cannot expect the same as the previous survey. Therefore, it is much better to hire your own surveyor for the new survey.

It is your long-term investment, or not

You will need to be flexible on flipping an island, if you plan that way. It can be your long-term investment, or the short one depending on the scenarios you are facing as a businessman. But in most cases, it is much better to get involved with the long game since you will have a lot of potential to develop the land and sell it in a much higher price.

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